Academic Board Minutes of 16 November 2004

BG Donald Steven

COL Spike Metts, Jr.

COL Dennis Fallon

LTC John Moore, Jr.

COL Al Gurganus

COL Mark Bebensee for Dean Walker

LTC Paul Rosenblum

COL Gardel Feurtado

COL Dan Ouzts

Dr. Ray Jones

COL Angie LeClercq

COL Jim Leonard

COL J. Blanton

COL Bo Moore, Jr.

COL P. Rembiesa

LTC John Carter

LTC Ken Brannan

LTC Steve Nida

LTC John Peeples

COL Brian McMillan

COL Richard Lake

LTC David Sullivan for COL Alan Ekrem

MAJ Anne Beddingfield

MAJ Sylvia Nesmith

LTC Bill Woolsey


BG Steven called the meeting to order at 1515.
Item 1. Approval of Minutes of 19 October 2004

LTC Steve Nida moved to approve, and COL Gardel Feurtado seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved without opposition.

Item 2.  Faculty Manual – Dean Searches

LTC Bill Woolsey read a passage from the Faculty Manual proposing alternative language as follows:

current language:  c. Dean of School…The Provost/Dean of the College appoints the chair from among the representatives of the school, prepares the charge for the committee, and approves all position announcements…

proposed alternative languageThe Provost/Dean of the College may appoint the chair from among the representatives of the school or, with approval of the majority of the Faculty of the school and the majority of the Faculty Council, may appoint from among the representatives from outside the school.  The Provost/Dean prepares the charge for the committee and approves all position announcements.

COL Al Gurganus seconded this motion, and after some discussion, it was passed without opposition.

Item 3.  Student Evaluation of Instruction 

LTC Bill Woolsey read the following resolutions from the Faculty Council:

  1. The question regarding gender of the respondent shall be removed from the Student Evaluation of Instruction form as of the next printing or opportunity.  In the interim, students should be instructed not to complete the identifying section.
  2. Student Evaluation of Instruction forms shall be returned to the instructors.

In the discussions that followed, the Board was reminded that the current procedure was implemented to address concerns from SACS and CHE regarding student anonymity in the evaluation process.  COL Metts also reminded the Board that Institutional Research is in the process of converting the Student Evaluation of Instruction from a paper format to an on-line electronic format.  This conversion could be ready for implementation in the spring 2005 semester.  Under the electronic format, there would be no paper forms to return to the faculty.  COL Metts also pointed out that the data on the forms related to the student’s class; expected grade; course required or elective; whether the course is in the student’s major or minor; and gender had not been collected or used in many years.  It was decided that until the conversion to electronic format is completed, students would be instructed NOT to complete the question regarding gender.

Item 4.  Other Matters

1.  COL Leonard raised the issue of reinstating the Veterans Program.  COL Metts provided a detailed analysis of the factors leading to the closing of that program and his perspective on the potential harm to the Corps of Cadets should that program be reinstated. After some discussion, it was decided that the topic would be given further consideration at some point in the future.

 2.  LTC John Peeples related that he had become aware of a program at VMI through which students are invited to campus as early as their junior year in high school to experience campus life.  This seemed to be a very effective recruiting tool that The Citadel may be missing since we invite to campus only students who have been accepted for admission.  BG Steven indicated that he would look into this and report back to the Board.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1615 hours.