19 February 1996

The Citadel Academic Board


23 January 1996

BGEN R. C. Poole, CPT M. L. Boykin, COL J. W. Gordon, LTC P. E. Ross, COL J. M. Basel, MAJ J. S. Carter, LTC A. LeClerq, COL R. K. Templeton, COL H. W. Askins, COL S. D. Comer, COL D. H. Reilly, COL D. H. White, COL M. A. Bebensee, LTC O. R. Emory, COL R. A. White, LTC D. J. Fallon, COL J. C. Berlinghieri, LTC A. J. Finch, LTC J. R. Blanton, MAJ B. Zaremba, LTC R. F. Gaskins, COL W. J. MacPherson, COL I.S. Metts, COL G. L. Wilson


The meeting was called to order by BGen Poole.

The VPAA conveyed the thanks and appreciation of the Academic Board to the departing Dean of Enrollment Services, LtCol Ronald F. Gaskins, on this occasion of his last attendance at the meeting.

The approval of the minutes of the 13 December 1995 meeting of the Academic Board was postponed until the next meeting.

The VPAA indicated that he did not at all like the term "SCUM." The term was demeaning to everyone, to the uniform, and to the citizen-soldier heritage if the college, and that the term should not be used.


Promotion warrants/commissions were presented to Major Barbara Zaremba, and Captains Keith Knapp and Nancy Bell, representing, respectively, Academic Support Services, History, and Psychology.


(Presented out of sequence in order to accommodate schedule of Professor Davis). Col Davis reported that he had been able to brief Faculty Council on the same plan that was presented to the Academic Board at the 13 December meeting, and that the response had been favorable. He intends that the college should get out a flyer on this information as soon as possible. Discussion--all favorable--to the project of an expanded study abroad program followed.


The VPAA indicated key areas from a previous study. One was that upperclassmen leave for financial reasons. A second was that the college had accepted lower SAT scores and class standings in high school. In addition, a significant number of cadets had elected to take their last nine hours elsewhere. With respect to 4th classmen, the attrition rate is better--conspicuously better than the previous year and certainly more in line with other years. But it still needs to get better.

At the moment the college is approximately 125 cadets short.

The VPAA indicated that he had gotten the President to give us money from the reserve fund to hire a consultant in order to check on attrition in a factual, empirical manner.

The Dean of Planning and Assessment, Col Metts, discussed ways that the dimensions of the problem were/have been laid out for the consultant, and that the problem had been computerized. A data base Fall 1990-Fall 1995 would be built.

He indicated that cadets were starting to take their last semester off. There are fourteen individuals now who are taking their remaining hours elsewhere. Sixteen others were gone because of the academic discharges, and nine had been discharged through the college's disciplinary/suitability processes.

The 2.0/2.0 rule was discussed.

The VPAA pointed out that we are second-best-off in the state among public institutions in terms of freshman attrition (Clemson is first, or best), and that we remain tops in terms of four year graduation rates.

He also indicated that we were bringing in an additional person for Financial Aid and two new Admissions people.

LtCol Wilson brought up the "forgivable F," and discussion followed. The new barracks are to be ready in July, and Col Bebensee stated that it was good to compare formal statements of reality versus what a young man actually says. The VPAA indicated that we have hired a consultant to help with Admissions. The VPAA stated his strong conviction that our admissions situation would turn around like the 1970's.

He also discussed distance learning, USC programs, and that we should perhaps do more in the area of collaboration problems.


The VPAA stated that we--the Academic Board--needed to get together on exams and the holding of same. There should be a gradeable final in every course, and that it should be comprehensive. That should be the normal situation. There might be exceptions but only rarely. Exams should be given only during the scheduled times. Tests should not be given during the last week prior to finals,. There was the obvious danger if cramming/blowout.

LtCol Emory stated that he could accept the one exam-a-day concept only if it is guaranteed that cadets are actually in ESP that night before the final.

The VPAA stated that the Commandant of Cadets is charged with not letting cadets out when that have exams next day.

Col Trez, Commandant of Cadets, said that it is counterproductive to keep cadets in who do not actually have an exam for two or three days.

The Head, Daniel Library, Lt Col LeClerq, expressed willingness to keep the library open for extremely extended hours during times when student preparing for finals. The VPAA expressed appreciation, and indicated that, at the University of Richmond, he had found that after 2:00 AM no one was really there in the library studying.

Col Trez expressed a request to identify the at-risk students.

Col Gordon discussed the Intensive Advisement Program for 4th classmen being conducted in Spring Semester 1995-1996. He indicated that he and the Cadet Academic Officers would work on a plan to identify and try to assist sophomores as well.

Col Comer indicated that the exam period should be shortened.

Col White (English) indicated that there should be two exceptions to the rule about exams: take-home exams are appropriate in some courses, and freshman in English classes employing the portfolio system.

The VPAA stated that, in summary, examinations are important, and that there should be a "gradable" at the end of the course.

LtCol LeClerq stated that she was happy to be at The Citadel and said thanks for all that support and cordiadility so far that she had received,

The VPAA indicated that he wants the Academic Board to consider having the Commandant of Cadets being able to sit in on meetings as an ex officio member.

The hour being late, the remaining items were left to the next meeting for action/discussion.

The meeting was adjourned with a statement of positive support and good wishes for the Department of Business Administration in the impending AACSB accreditation visit.

John W. Gordon, Ph.D., Colonel, USMCR, Interim Dean of Undergraduate Studies