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Throughout its history, The Citadel has stood securely on the Four Pillars of cadet development: Academic, Athletic, Military, and a fourth called variously Character, Spirituality, Religion, or Ethics. The cornerstone of this foundation is the Fourth Pillar, as the development of spiritual and moral character integrates each aspect of a Citadel education into the service of the Whole Person.

The ministry of St. Alban's Chapel is an important - some would say essential - part of the Fourth Pillar. For more than sixty years, Citadel cadets from Episcopalian families and others have been strengthened, encouraged, supported, and challenged by St. Alban's and its chaplains. Weekly chapel services, Bible studies, retreats, and counseling sessions all provide for the growth in faith, Christian formation, and character of cadets.

St. Alban's Chapel serves as both the spiritual nucleus and community center for Episcopal students at The Citadel. It is here that students gather to share their faith, retreat from the daily distractions of campus life, and refresh their spiritual resources to confront the challenges that constitute a Citadel education.

The Chaplain at St. Alban's has likewise taken on a central role in the character development of cadets. Underlying the Chaplain's numerous duties is the desire to cultivate the development of all those with whom he comes into contact, consistently demonstrating the better path and offering instruction in how to be a good cadet, and good leader, and a good Christian in the face of copious contrary examples.

To secure the long-term preservation of the important services that St. Alban's offers to cadets and The Citadel community, the Chapel needs to establish a perpetual endowment. Experience has shown the importance of funding the chaplaincy as a full-time ongoing ministry. By ensuring the funds necessary to provide compensation for the Chaplain as well as vital program funds to support cadet life and development activities, the St. Alban's Endowment will provide in perpetuity for this essential component of The Citadel experience.

Your contribution to the St. Alban's Endowment will provide vital support to continue and expand the mission of St. Alban's Chapel in service of the Episcopal community at The Citadel.

"Nothing made more of a positive impact on me during my knob year than St. Alban's, a place where a cadet can interact with others in a Christian environment and nurture the development of the fourth pillar of a ‘Citadel Man.’ One of the best parts of St. Alban's is Rev. Doug Peterson. Doug is much more than a priest; he is a spiritual leader, a mentor, and a friend."
- Cadet Ray Foltz, Class of 2005
Civil Engineering Major, 1st Battalion

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