AGNEW, JAMES B., 1930-1980

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Typescripts, printed material
2 linear ft.(6 boxes)
Army officer, author, Citadel graduate 1952.
Typescript (5 vols.), The Encyclopedia of The Civil War. Typescript (1 vol.), Annotated Quotations: The Gettysburg Campaign.
Vietnamese currency, song books, propaganda leaflets, newspapers and Viet Cong indoctrination notebook are included.

Article, 1982 May.
1 item.
Author, Citadel graduate 1952.
"Hellions from Marion Square", Civil War Times describes activities of cadets who left The Citadel to fight for the Confederacy and were referred to as Cadet Company or Cadet Rangers.
AF Civil War Agnew

Research notes.
2 linear ft. (9 v., 5 boxes).
Author, Citadel graduate 1952.
Secondary source material relating to the Civil War. Topics include towns, quotations, individuals, anecdotes, casualties, small arms, Gettysburg. Vietnamese propaganda, currency, newspapers included.

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