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Proceedings of meeting, 1877 Dec. 13.
1 item.
Published proceedings of the meeting of The Association of Graduates, South Carolina Military Academy.


Documents, 1896.
2 items.
Appeals to alumni to join the Citadel Association of Graduates from Col. Oliver J. Bond, secretary of the association.

AF Citadel

Letters, 1922-1924.
4 items. Relating to alumni banquet 1922; an appeal for funds March 1922 with description of new campus; bill for dues 1924-25; plea for graduates to support The Citadel and to commemorate Homecoming Day every Oct. 25th.

AF Manning

Minutes, 1947-1978.
0.5 linear ft. (l box).
Minutes, proceedings, ballots relating to the Association of Citadel Men and its chapters. Incomplete.

RC 1 (box 18)

Correspondence, 1884-1949.
0.5 linear ft. (1 box).
Topics include portraits, battle streamers, constitution of the association.
Correspondents include: C.S. Gadsden, 1886; P.F. Stevens, 1899; J.M.Patrick, 1906; A.S. Reynolds, 1938-1949 who served as president of the Association from 1938-1939.

RC 1

Banquet Menu, June 3, 1938
1 item.

AF Duncan

Programme, 1953.
1 item.
Centennial banquet of the Association of Citadel Men includes menu for 1853 and 1953 banquets and songs including the alma mater.

AF Citadel. Association of Citadel Men.

Correspondence 1886-1949.
Letter from R.S. Stevens July 1886 concerning beneficiaries. He felt the difficulty in obtaining funds from the legislature was due to the free scholarships and that The Citadel's enemies supported free public education and opposed such selected scholarships.

RC 1 (box 1)


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