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In its complex contours and ever-changing expressions, the human face offers a visual history of a life's experiences: love and loss, struggle and triumph. The challenge of portraiture is how to catch this depth in a single moment, using gaze and gesture to reveal the character that lies beneath.

Students in Tiffany Silverman's Photography class had the unique opportunity to photograph seven Lowcountry residents who had been interviewed as part of The Citadel Oral History Program, which records and archives discussions on topics ranging from history to social change. With the help of Kerry Taylor, coordinator of this program, Leroy Baker, Joseph Darby, Armand Derfner, Lindsay Koob, Lisa Lugo, Mary Moultrie, and Naomi White shared their stories with the students. Under the guidance of noted photographer Alice Keeney, the students then led a photo shoot using professional cameras and lighting at the Charleston Center for Photography and selected the final images that they felt best captured the essence of each individual.

Tiffany Silverman is a professor of Fine Arts at The Citadel.
Kerry Taylor is a professor of History and the coordinator of the Oral History Program at The Citadel.

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