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Correspondence 1950-1961
106 items.
Mr. and Mrs.David Clarke of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania were friends of General and Mrs. Mark Clark.
Correspondence between Rhoda and David Clarke and Mark and Renie Clark includes some of the following topics: Korean War, Korean Orphanages, Ann Clark's wedding (1952 June 20), Bill Clark in Korea(1951 Oct. 2, 11, 23, Nov. 2), Gen. Clark's appointment to the Vatican (1951 Nov. 2). Photographs (4) feature Mrs. & Mrs. David Clarke, General and Mrs. Mark Clark, Ann Clark, Bill Clark, and the donor.
[Note: On May 12, 1952 General Mark Clark was appointed Commander in Chief, Far East Command and served simultaneously as Commander in Chief, United Nations Command; Commanding General, United States Army Forces, Far East; and Governor of the Ryukyu Island. On July 27, 1953 General Clark signed the Korean Armistice. On October 7, 1953 he relinquished this post and retired from the military on Oct. 31, 1953. He accepted the presidency of The Citadel on Oct. 23, 1953.]

Gift of Mr. J. Permar Richards, grandson of Mrs. Rhoda Clarke.

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