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Transcript and audio of oral history interview, Charleston, S.C., 2012 March 17. Interviewed by Danielle Lightner, Graduate Student, Citadel History Department. Transcript 41 p., 1 CD 01:45:12.

He was born in Charleston, S.C. on 8 January 1922. To help support his family following the death of his father, he joined the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1939 through which he worked on Bull's Island. He recalls the Charleston of his childhood. Fleming married and was drafted in 1942. He attended basic training at Camp Sibert, AL, where as Fleming stated, "learned how to take care of myself through that army life, I learned a lot because when you hit them beach head, there ain't nobody there to help you, you got to help yourself." In Hawaii, he received training that prepared him for work as a medic on ship hospitals and in field hospitals in the Pacific. He recalls many harrowing scenes of battle and details life in foxholes during Japanese air attacks. Returning to Charleston after the war, he worked in carpentry and construction and played baseball for the Avco Corporation team. He concludes by reflecting on the September 2011 death of his wife of 69 years, Dorothy Buckingham Fleming, whose grave he visits weekly.

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