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Transcript and audio of oral history interview, Hanahan, S.C., 2010 May 18. Interviewed by Kate Gallo, Graduate Student. Transcript 46 p., 1 CD 01:03:27.

Clarrisa (Lisa) Lugo (b. 1979) is the assistant director of admissions at The Citadel and a 2002 graduate. A native of Eagle Pass, Texas, she was a member of The Citadel's first women's soccer team. Lugo applied for admission after hearing of Shannon Faulkner's unsuccessful attempt to be the college's first female graduate.

Clarissa Lugo was born October 28, 1979 in Del Rio, Texas. Acting on a dare by one of her high school soccer teammates she decided to apply to The Citadel, which had only recently begun to admit women. After graduating in 2002 with a B.S. in education she taught sixth grade social studies for one year. In 2005 she became the first female graduate of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets to hold a position in the Citadel’s Office of Admissions. As assistant director of admissions her work focuses on recruiting female and Hispanic cadets. On April 20, 2009 she was honored for superior performance by Citadel President Lt. Gen. John W. Rosa. Lugo explains her decision to attend The Citadel, and the support she received from family and friends. She discusses the difficulties she faced as a new cadet, both as a woman and as a Mexican-American. As part of the first wave of women, she reflects on the legacies of her cohort and the impact of the inclusion of women at The Citadel. Lugo believes it has enriched the traditional qualities of what it means to be a Citadel cadet. As a member of The Citadel’s first women’s soccer team she also discusses the differences between being a Citadel cadet versus a student-athlete. The mother of two daughters, she enjoys her work in the Admissions Office and continues to reflect fondly on her years as a cadet.


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