PATRICK, JOHN B., 1832-1900

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Journal, 1861-1865.
3 items (2 v. and transcription).
Educator, Citadel graduate 1855. Patrick was professor of mathematics at the Arsenal Academy 1859-1865 and member of Board of Visitors 1862-1865. During Civil War, he was lieutenant in charge of the Battalion of State Cadets.
Note: The Arsenal Academy in Columbia, South Carolina and The Citadel Academy in Charleston, South Carolina comprised The South Carolina Military Academy. The Freshman year was spent at The Arsenal Academy with the remaining three years at The Citadel Academy. In 1861, the South Carolina Military Academy was made part of the military organization of the state and was known as The Battalion of State Cadets.
Patrick mentions his health, religion, cadets' discipline, work as secretary of Board of Visitors and Civil War activities. Included in collection is a typewritten account by Emily Goodlett of the burning of Columbia by Sherman.


Biographical information.
Records of Alumni Office Box 21


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