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Transcript and audio of oral history interview, Beaufort, S.C., 2012 March 20. Interviewed by Jessica Upchurch, Graduate Student, Citadel History Department. Transcript 24 p., 1 CD 44:00, 18:20.

Charles W. Stockell was born in Washington, DC. Following a family tradition of service, he joined the military when he was twenty years old. He attended basic training at Fort Bragg and Officer Candidate School in Oklahoma. He was assigned to a division that was very aggressive on the battlefield. He also frequently served as an observer on a Piper Cub aircraft flying combat missions over German territory. Stockell recalls the confusion of the Omaha Beach landing during the Normandy Invasion. He and the men in his battery were forced to swim ashore after disembarking from the landing craft prematurely. The chaos continued on the shore. Stockell received four Purple Hearts for wounds he received while serving with the artillery and rose to the rank of colonel. Stockell also served in the Korean War and Vietnam War and taught at the National War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. In 2012, Stockell was inducted into France's National Order of the Legion of Honor.


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