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2010.023.001 <BR />
2010.023.001 <BR />
[ Click here for interview] <BR />
[ Click here for interview] <BR />
'''SEE ALSO:'''  
'''SEE ALSO:'''  

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Transcript and audio of oral history interview, Charleston, S.C., 2009 April 18
Interviewed by Shannon Hungerford, Graduate Assistant, The Citadel History Department
Transcript 29 p., 1 CD 35:17.
“Sugar” is a bakery located on Cannon Street in downtown Charleston, S.C. that was founded by Bouffard and Bowick in November of 2007. Bowick, a native Tennessean, and Bouffard, a native of Vermont, have replaced an old vegetable stand with a new sweet shop. Both men worked in New York as architects, but moved to Charleston twelve years ago to pursue their dream of baking. In this interview, Bowick and Bouffard discuss their career backgrounds and inspirations, and how their background in architecture relates to the process of baking. They also discuss family connections to Charleston and local cuisine, the relationship between history and Charleston history in recipes, and how customers are attracted to the historical side of certain treats. An openly gay couple, Bowick and Bouffard also comment on the warm welcome they received upon moving into the neighborhood and what it says about how Charleston has changed in the last decade.


Click here for interview


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