CAPERS, ELLISON, 1837-1908

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Papers 1861-1865; 1874-1905.
2 linear ft. (5 boxes).
Confederate Army officer commanding Twenty-Fourth South Carolina Infantry Regiment, bishop, professor, Citadel graduate 1857.
Papers 1861-1865 pertain to military activities and consist of official reports, general orders, special orders, diaries, muster rolls and personal letters. Correspondents include Mrs. Ellison Capers, G.T. Beauregard, S.R. Gist, D.R. Jones, J. Johnston Pettigrew, C.R. Holmes. Correspondence 1874-1905 is included.


Speech, 1884. 1 item.
Professor, Confederate Army officer, bishop, Citadel graduate 1857.
Speech by Capers at the unveiling of the marble tablet at The Citadel in memory of Francis Huger Harleston. Harleston, class of 1860, was killed on duty at Fort Sumter Nov. 24, 1863 while inspecting the exterior of the fort.

AF Civil War Harleston

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