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Confederate War Journal Journal, 1893 June.
1 item.
Illustrated journal published in New York volume 1, no. 3 contains articles on the Confederate Navy, the officers of the Confederate Army and Navy, Confederate poems and war activities in Pensacola Bay, Florida.

AF Civil War (A1971.1)

Pamphlets, 1899.
2 items.
Guide to Charleston for Confederate Veterans reunion contains maps of city, descriptions of historic sites, biographical sketches include C. Irvine Walker. Second pamphlet contains poems, illustrations of Confederate flag and drawing of Thomson Auditorium (later site of old Charleston Museum).

AF Civil War

Pamphlet, 1903 May 12-14.
1 item.
Souvenir programme of the annual reunion of the South Carolina Division, United Confederate Veterans held in Columbia, S.C. Includes description of Sherman's destruction of Columbia; the Arsenal Academy; biographical sketches of Ellison Capers, C. Irvine Walker and Wade Hampton.

AF Civil War (1961.565.1)

Journal, 1928.
1 item.
Publication which represents the interest of Confederate Associations.
Features tribute to C. Irvine Walker, p. 176.

AF Civil War (1961.466.35)


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