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Delinquency Report forms, 1963.
1 folder.
Forms used prior to 1963 to record delinquencies for minor offenses such as tarnished brass, etc. They were replaced by white slips.
Fourth Class Delinquency Report forms (blue pad) which state "Discipline is Training Which Makes Punishment Unnecessary". Absentee & Late Report forms (white pad) to record absence from classes. There is a space for the name of the section marker who recorded the absences.

AF Fourth Class System

1937, 1938-1940.
"Freshman Week Program" detailing the schedule for Freshmen for their first week at The Citadel in September.

AF Fourth Class System


SEE: Lane Report Response (Archives File)
SEE: Mace Plan (Archives File)
SEE: Mood Report (1980) in President's Office Records, RC6 Box 5

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