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Papers, 1981-2001.
0.5 linear ft. (1 box)
Army officer, president of The Citadel 1980-1989, Citadel graduate 1942.
Speeches/reports 1981-1995; articles "From One Alumnus to Another" 1983-1988, "Special Reports to Alumni" 1988-1989, "The President's Spot" 1982-1989. Manuscript, "A Soldier Reminisces" written by Major General Grimsley November 2001.


Proclamations, 1981.
l.5 linear ft. (3 boxes).
Army officer, president of The Citadel 1980-1989.
Proclamations from colleges, universities, dignitaries honoring General Grimsley on the occasion of his inauguration as the sixteenth president of The Citadel.

CP 16

Memo dated 10/15/76 from Gen. Grimsley, VP Administration, to Gen. Seignious, President of The Citadel concerning problems with the Fourth Class System and the loss rate. Participants in the study included MG Grimsley, Col. Nicholson, Col. Clark, LTC Harris, Dr. Mood, Col. Woods, Chaplain Crumpton, LTC Ezell, Col. Burrows, Col. Bunch, Capt. Hanna, Maj. Irby, Capt. Gurrieri, Capt. Rich, Lt. Neihart.

Typed transcript of oral history interview, Charleston,
S.C. 2000, April 4-6. Final copy prepared 2002 Oct.23.
Interviewed by Citadel Professor of History, David H. White.
1 item (27 p.)
Army officer, president of The Citadel 1980-1989, Citadel graduate 1942.
Relates to Grimsley’s active duty service 1942-1945, as a commissioned officer, 77th Infantry Division, United State Army, in pre-deployment training and in overseas operations, Pacific Theater (Guam, Philippines, Okinawa Campaigns).


Interviewed by Jack Bass 2008 October 2


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