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Funeral notice, 1920 Nov. 2.
1 item.
Confederate Army officer, educator, Citadel graduate 1856.
Funeral services for Law to be held at family residence in Bartow, Florida.

AF Law.

Manuscript [c.1888]
1 item (47 p.)
Confederate Army officer, educator, Citadel graduate 1856. Appointed Brigadier General in the Confederate States Army in October 1862, Law's Alabama Brigade comprised five Alabama regiments.
"From the Wilderness to Cold Harbor" written in pencil and signed by the author, E.M. Law provides an account of the battles fought in Virginia at the Wilderness, Spotsylvania and Cold Harbor from May 5 through June 3, 1864. It was published in Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Vol. 4, New York: The Century Company, 1888.

Law is mentioned on p.10-11 in The Journal of Cadet Tom Law. E.M. Law was first first cousin of Tom Law, Class of 1859.



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