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Transcript of oral history interview, 14 March 2011.
Interviewed by Robert Kilgo, from The Citadel's Oral History Initiative.
Language: This interview is in English.
Transcript 34 P.
Final copy prepared November 2017.

Jessica Maas, a native of Houston, Texas, had no intention of enrolling in a military college after graduating from high school. However, though she received several offers to play volleyball as a collegiate athlete at other schools, a visit to The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina, solidified her decision to take on the challenges this military school offered her. Maas explains, “I came on campus, and my coaches were talking to me about the challenge and how it would be a different situation from most college students, and that you wouldn't get the normal experience. Once I heard their pitch and heard that it would be a challenge for me, I couldn't turn it down, and I knew that I would regret it if I didn't see if I could handle it, and see if I could excel.” In 2011, four years after stepping through the gates for the first time, Maas graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, proving she had indeed handled every challenge The Citadel had to offer. In her interview, Maas talks about her experiences at The Citadel as a female athlete, discussing gender relationships, friendships, faith, and leadership styles she encountered. In addition, she recalls academic challenges during her four years at college, reminiscing about favorite classes and her best and worst moments throughout.


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