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MOTLEY, LANGHORNE A., INTERVIEWEE, PART 2 Transcript and audio of oral history interview, McLean, VA, 2012 June 4
Interviewed by William H. Buckley, Citadel Class of 1971 and The Citadel Oral History Program.
Transcript 47 p., 1 CD 1:36:56.
In the second part of a three-part interview, Langhorne A. “Tony” Motley discusses his career as a real estate developer in Alaska as well as his earliest foray into government when he was appointed the Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Commerce and Economic Development. He then served for four years as a lobbyist for the Citizens for Management of Alaskan Lands, which represented the land development interests of the mining, oil and gas, tourism, and real estate industries. During this period, he also worked on the campaigns of various Republican politicians, including Senators Frank Murkowski and Ted Stevens. In December 1978, Motley and Stevens were the two survivors of a plane crash at the Anchorage International Airport. Stevens lost his wife in the crash. Following his diplomatic career, Motley launched a consulting business, L.A. Motley and Company, Inc. The company represented various US corporations interested in doing business in Latin America as well as Latin American firms working in the United States. Motley recounts his efforts to support Petra Lovetinska, who in 2000 became just the second woman to graduate from The Citadel. He concludes by reflecting on his campaign work on behalf of George W. Bush during the South Carolina primary in 2000.

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