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[ Click here for interview]
[ Click here for interview]

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Transcript of oral history interview, Charleston, S.C., 1 February 2011.
Interview by Rebecca Michaud, from The Citadel's Oral History Initiative.
Transcript 31 p.

Gladys Pinckney was born in Beaufort, South Carolina in 1915 and made the decision very early to become a nurse. She attended nursing school and was encouraged to become a Red Cross nurse. In 1941, she received a request from the War Department to serve as Second Lieutenant in the Army Nurse Corps, and she reported to Fort Jackson two weeks later. She served at a number of medical facilities in France at the tail end of the war and its aftermath. As a nurse with a specialty in anaesthesia, she took care of combat casualties and prisoners of war from all over Europe. When asked how she felt about taking care of German POW's, she said, "Didn't make any difference. When I took an oath, we vowed that we would take care of everybody who was committed to our care. That's an oath we had to take." Pinckney also served as a nurse in a MASH unit during the Korean War. She was asked to serve in Vietnam, but decided to retire due to health considerations. She is presently a resident of Columbia, South Carolina, where she volunteers at St. Martin's Episcopal Church and drives her own car.


Click here for interview


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