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2009.013.024 <BR />
[http://lowcountrydigital.library.cofc.edu/u?/TCO,20 Click here for interview]
[http://lcdl.library.cofc.edu/lcdl/catalog/lcdl:23431 Click here for interview]

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Transcript and audio of oral history interview, Charleston, S.C., 2008 November 28.
Interviewed by Jack Bass, author, professor and fellow in The Citadel History Department.
Transcript 26 p., 1 CD 65:00
Medical Doctor, member of Class of 1938.
Henry Rittenberg describes being awarded the City of Charleston Scholarship to The Citadel in 1934. He graduated in 1938. In World War II he was drafted and entered the OCS Limited Service where he worked stateside establishing harbor defenses on the East coast. Later he entered the Reserves and was deployed to England where he served on the front lines carrying out survey work as a foward observer. He took part in the Crossing of the Rhine as well as the Battle of the Ruhr Pocket in which 100,000 Germans were taken as prisoners. He was present at the Elbe River on VE Day, May 8, 1945. After the war, he completed medical school and worked as a general practitioner until his retirement.


Click here for interview


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