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Transcript of oral history interview, 3 October 2013.
Interviewed by Elijah Otto, from The Citadel's Oral History Initiative.
Language: This interview is in English.
Transcript: 32 p.
Final copy prepared November 2017.

Jacquelyn Elaine Venning was born in Charleston, South Carolina, where she spent most of her life. She was raised in a Christian family and educated in private schools until eleventh grade. She first attended Sacred Heart Catholic School and later Bishop England, and graduated from Burke High School in 1983. In sixth grade, Venning got her first job as a shampoo girl and worked until graduation. Soon out of high school, she fell in love and got married. Soon after, her husband joined the military and they moved to Germany, Texas, and Georgia before returning to Charleston in 1992. Since then, she has been working with Aramark at The Citadel, first serving food to the cadets at the Mess Hall and later serving as Java City’s supervisor at The Daniel Library. In her interview, Venning recalls her nervousness when she started working at The Citadel’s male-only environment, but states the cadets have always been gentle and respectful with her and she enjoys her job. During her more than twenty years working at The Citadel, Venning has witnessed many institutional changes, including the deeply controversial admission of Sharon Faulkner to the school and later the full inclusion of women to the Corps. Finally, Venning discusses how the food industry has changed over the years and talks about the attempts to unionize The Citadel food workers.


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