More Information A picture of one of the teams that participated in last year's BDC

The Bulldog Challenge is a 6-mile, team-oriented adventure race through parts of downtown Charleston, including the infamous marsh and pluff mud! You will encounter many obstacles designed to test your team mentally and physically. Not everyone will finish; only the truly tough will make it through the challenge!

The Bulldog Challenge is organized entirely by active duty United States Marines who attend The Citadel as full time undergraduate students participating in the Marine Enlisted Commissioning Education Program (MECEP). This is the seventeenth year that we have conducted the Bulldog Challenge, and it gets bigger and better every single year!

This year's race will be held on March 1, 2014, so register while you still can and keep your eyes peeled here and on our Facebook page for more news and information as we get closer to the event. For now, check out the Frequently Asked Questions page, which can probably answer most of your questions about the event this year, and check out the registration information page to sign up... if you think can handle it!