Obstacle Course (Obstacle Course)

Racers will navigate over and under the logs of the obstacle course, as well as the high wall (approximately eight feet).  Each team will ascend the rope at the end of the obstacle course twice (either one member climbs twice or two members climb once).

Friction (Obstacle Course)

Teams will pick up three twenty-pound sandbags, which will be carried throughout the majority of the race.

Pull-ups(Behind Jenkins Hall)

Teams will conduct a total of 60 dead-hang pull-ups between all four members.

House of Pain(Parade Deck)

Teams members will interlock arms and legs in the push-up position.  The member on one end will low-crawl under the other members (the “house) and set himself on the far end.  This movement will continue until the “house” moves from one set of cones to another, approximately 100 meters.

Combat Fitness Test(Parade Deck)

Two of the four team members will participate; the others will run alongside.  One member will position himself behind the other and use upper and lower body strength to drag his “buddy” from one set of cones to another.    The member performing the buddy drag will then attempt to toss a fake grenade into a marked-off square area.

Tire Flips(Road near National Guard Office)

Teams members will flip large, heavy tires from one set of cones to another and back (approximately 50 meters).

Mount Suribachi(Stadiums)

Team members will run up and down all of the stairs on the visitor side of the Johnson-Hagood stadium.

Wounded Warrior(Off Campus)

One team member will be the “casualty,” and he will be fireman’s carried on the shoulders of another team mate for approximately 300 meters.

Hike(Off Campus)

At start of Wounded Warrior the team will be given one military issue hiking pack in order to carry their sandbags.  Teams will be required to carry the pack through the Casevac scenario and then offload the pack once the team has returned to the start of the Wounded Warrior obstacle. (Approx. weight of pack is 60lbs.)

Casevac(Off Campus)

The “casualty” will then be placed onto a stretcher and carried by the other team members up several levels of a parking garage.

Fireteam pushups(Off Campus)

At the top of the parking garage, team members will position themselves on the ground in a square, with the legs of each team member on the backs of another.  They will conduct ten pushups.

Burpee Broad Jumps(WLI Field)

Participants will perform burpees, which are a combination of a squat, a pushup, and a forward jump.  They will perform this exercise for approximately 100 meters.

Battle of Inchon(Marsh near WLI Field)

Participants will low-crawl through the plough mud of the marsh underneath rope intended to simulate barbed wire.  Total distance is approximately 50 meters.

Low Crawl Climb(Indian Hill)

Participants will low-crawl up a small hill under a rope intended to simulate barbed wire, approximately 25 meters.

Friction Drop-off(Obstacle Course)

Teams will drop off the sand bags.

Ammo Resupply(Practice Football Field behind Jenkins Hall)

Two team members will each pick up two 30-lb ammo cans and run a distance of approximately 400 meters before dropping the ammo cans.

Water Resupply(Around 4th Battalion)

Teams will grab five five-gallon water cans and run around one of the barracks buildings of the Citadel.

Final assault(Parade Deck)

Teams will grab rubber rifles for their last dash around the parade deck and across the finish line.