From: James Openshaw
Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2008 11:55 AM
To: 'Heads, Department'; Sam Hines;; Dewey Yeatts; Curtice E. Holland; 'Robinson, Les'; Isaac S. Metts Jr; Ron Green;;; 'Al Finch (';; 'Joseph W. Trez Sr'; Cardon B. Crawford; Mark C. Brandenburg; Jeffrey M. Weart; Richard Nelson
Cc: Wanda J. Milligan; Jeffrey B. Price; Jane O. Clegg; Hampton, Tenisha; Jim Fitzgerald; Raymond J Whiteman; Kevin Dopf;;; James Grigg;; William A. Fletcher Jr; Amanda Smith; Barbara Ellison
Subject: End Of Year Budget Review and UFR Submittals

Attachments: UnfndReqFrmInstruct08-09.doc; UnfundedReqForm08-09.doc; StrategicInitiatives08-09.doc

A few weeks ago we asked that you provide us information regarding position funding so we could begin addressing position control issues for the upcoming year.  The next step in our End of Year (EOY) budget process is to give you an opportunity to submit any additional operational unfunded requirements (UFR), identify to us any UFRs that are strategic initiatives that must be funded in FY08/09 and let us know of any funding adjustments you need within your accounts for FY08/09.  In May, I will be reviewing all E&G Unrestricted (1XXXXX), E&G Restricted (2XXXXX), and Auxiliary (3XXXXX) accounts for any required adjustments to their revenue (if applicable) and operating expenditure budgets (expenditures minus personal services) for FY08/09.  To facilitate that review I respectfully request that each account program manager review his/her account(s) and forward any requested adjustments and/or unfunded requirements (UFR) through their respective VPs, Commandant, or Deans in turn to the Provost no later than close of business (COB) 6 May 2008. In turn, I respectfully request that all VPs, Commandant, and Provost forward their departments' inputs to the Budget Office no later than COB 12 May 2008.


In an effort to provide you with some tools to aid in your ability to respond to us with your requirements, we offer the following.  The attached instructions and form (UnfndReqFrmInstruct08-09 and

UnfundedReqForm08-09) can be used to submit any UFRs that you have not previously submitted.  A listing of all the current outstanding UFRs is attached to this email or can be found on the Budget Office website.  Should you find any listed UFR that should be removed, please send us a listing of those items.


Also attached is a form that can help me quickly identify any college strategic initiatives that must be funded next fiscal year (StrategicInitiatives08-09).  Request items you put on this form must clearly be approved strategic initiatives that must be funded in FY08/09 fiscal year.  The UnfndReqFrmInstruct08-09 form can be used to help guide you through the completion of this form.


To review and update your operating budgets, I respectfully request you use the following guidelines:

1.    Go to FRS Screen 22 for your account and print it out.

2.    Review your account's Original Budget/Next Year's budget for pools 3000 through 9000.

      a.    Original Budgets reflects your accounts current base budget.

      b.    Note:  Revised budget line reflects your latest funding adjustments and/or Budget Office adjustments for encumbrance carry forwards (from last year to this year’s budget) and non-recurring requirements made during this fiscal year.

      c.    Note:  Last Year's line reflects FY06/07 end-of-year Revised Budget.

      d.    Note:  Next Year's line should have the same numbers as your original budget or be a zero (all revenue and/or personal services pools).

3.    Review each Original Budget Pool.

      a.    If Original Budget and corresponding Next Year Budget pool amount is accurate, then place a check mark in the Next Year Budget column to the right of the number.

      b.    If you want to move budget money out of one pool to offset an increase in another/other pools, do so by lining out the current number in the Next Year Budget column and placing the total amount required for each pool to the right of the lined out number.  Note: The net effect to your Total Other Expenditure line should be zero.

      c.    If you are requesting additional funds to support any given pool with no offset, please put the total amount needed for the pool in the Next Year Budget column followed by an asterisk (*) thus indicating to us you have a new funding requirement.  Submitting an increase to your budget pool requirement does not necessarily mean it will get approved and will require an entry on your UnfundedReqForm07-08 form.

      d.    If your FY08/09 requirement is actually lower than what you will need and funds are not needed to support another pool, please put the required amount Next Year Budget column with a double asterisk (**) as well.

4.    If we do not receive an input for any given account by the deadline set above, we will roll what is currently in the Original Budget/Next Year Budget column into the Original Budget for FY08/09.  If we make any adjustments to your account's budget, we will notify you by email or memo of the adjustment and request any comments you may have.

5.    If you would like to meet with me or Amanda Smith (Senior Budget Analyst) to go over your budget submittal, we will be happy to do so.  Please call Amanda (3-7183)or me (3-7184) for an appointment.


If you have any questions or comments please call or email me at this address.  Your prompt attention to this request will be greatly appreciated.



Col. Jim Openshaw

Budget Director