The Citadel
12-14 October 2007

The Citadel invites you to campus 12-14 October to join in our annual Parents’ Weekend festivities. Highlights of the weekend will be the presentation of class rings to the First Class cadets, the Ring Ceremony and Hop on Friday evening, a military dress parade honoring parents on Saturday morning, and a home football game on Saturday afternoon. This weekend is a wonderful opportunity to visit the campus, meet faculty, staff, and administrators, and become more familiar with The Citadel, its history and traditions.

2007 Parents' Weekend General Information

2007 Parents' Weekend Schedule of Events

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1800, FRIDAY, 12 OCTOBER 2007


DO NOT BRING: Covers (leave in car), gloves, purses, or more than two guest participants. Please ask your other guests to enter the front door of the field house and remain there until you have gone through the ring. You can only go through the ring one time with your company. The photographer will be available at the end of the ceremony for additional pictures within the ring.


(1) Enter the left back (SW) entrance of McAlister Field House and proceed to card/rose table. Pick up your card and verify information. All other non participating family/guests should enter through the front doors of McAlister Field House.

(2) Pick up one rose for each guest (if you ordered them. See Mrs. Ward, Rm. 217 Mark Clark Hall to order roses).

(3) Go to the podium and give your card to Mr. Dukes. Assist with any difficult names, etc.
Please see Mrs. Ward, Cadet Activities, Mark Clark Hall, no later than noon on Thursday, 11 October, if you need to make corrections on your cards.

(4) Move up to the Cadet Activities aide and wait for his/her signal to move into the ring.

(5) Male cadets: Make sure the lady is on your right. If two ladies, one on each side with the more senior on your right. Female cadets: Male escort should be to your left. If two gentlemen, one on each side with the more senior on the right.

(6) When given the signal, move into the ring with your guests. If escorting a lady (ladies), offer your arm(s). Do not wait to hear your name; the announcer reads as you stand in the ring.

(7) Step forward to the tape strip on floor. Present rose to guest. Kiss guest. Look up and smile at the camera. You will be given verbal instructions from the photographer via a speaker in flowers. Don’t be surprised!

(8) Once you see the photo flash, please move out of the ring quickly. As you proceed down the center aisle and through the Honor Guard, another picture will be taken. Do not loiter after going through the arch. Exit quickly, as one of your classmates will follow closely.

Please arrive fifteen minutes prior to your company’s time. We may be ahead of schedule and if you are late, you will miss going through the ring with the rest of your company. All times are approximate.

1800 – Junior Honor Guard Performance
1810 – Regimental Commander; Senior Class President; Regimental Activities Officer; Chairman, Ring Committee
1815 – Senior Football Players and Active Duty Seniors
1820 – Romeo
1835 – November
1845 – Lima
1850 – Tango
1855 – Regimental Band
1900 – Foxtrot
1910 – Mike
1915 – Alpha
1925 – Palmetto Battery
1935 – Bravo
1945 – Echo
1950 – Charlie
2000 – Delta
2005 – Oscar
2015 – India
2025 – Golf
2030 – Hotel
2035 – Kilo
2040 – Papa


The Ring/Parents’ Day Hop will begin approximately 2000 in Deas Hall. All classes and their guests are invited to attend. Light refreshments will be available. A photographer will be available in the back of Deas Hall to take family pictures during the hop. Carriage rides around Summerall Field will be available from 2000 to 2300, compliments of Cadet Activities.


Cadet Activities Office - 843-953-5111
Athletic Ticket Office - 843-953-5121
Lunch Tickets - 843-953-2755
Public Affairs Office - 843-953-6779
Alumni Office - 843-953-7696


McAlister Field House / Ring Ceremony Diagram





2007 Parents' Weekend General Information

2007 Parents' Weekend Schedule of Events

Campus Map


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