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Cadet Activities Publications


The Honor Manual -- published by the Department of Cadet Activities under
the direction of the Cadet Honor Committee, explains the Cadet Honor System,
it's policies, trial procedures, appeal procedures and all details necessary for
cadets to effectively abide by The Citadel's Honor Code.


The Sphinx -- the yearbook of The Citadel, is one of the major publications of
the Corps of Cadets. The editorial staff is selected from members of the first
and second class, and assistants are selected from other classes. The Sphinx,
which gives a picture of the activities of the Corps, faculty, and staff, is a
lasting tribute to those who join the ranks of The Citadel's alumni.


The Brigadier -- the cadet newspaper of the Corps of Cadets provides reports
of activities at The Citadel. Features, sports, articles, editorials and cartoons
make this paper interesting not only to cadets, but to parents and alumni who
may keep account of events at The Citadel by subscribing to The Brigadier.
This award-winning publication provides an excellent opportunity for cadets to
familiarize themselves with newspaper work.

Subscriptions are available to the public and you can subscribe by filling out and
mailing in The Brigadier subscription request form.

The Brigadier allows advertisement for outside companies.
Publication dates and ad sizes & costs can be obtained by contacting the
Department of Cadet Activities at 953-5111.
Information can also be found on The Brigadier website.


The Guidon -- is distributed once a year to every incoming fourth class cadet
prior to the beginning of the cadre training period and is frequently referred to
throughout the year. The Guidon is the fourth class regulation and orientation
handbook and will familiarize the recruit with the customs and traditions of
The Citadel. Updated annually, it explains the organization, operation and
history of The Citadel.


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