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CFA parents are now commonly hosting Cadet Sendoff events that provide useful information and support to both incoming Knob parents as well as the parents themselves.

This page is dedicated to providing a framework that will be helpful in organizing these types of events. Below is a list of recommendations for organizing such events.

1. Contact Shamus Gillen , CFA Liaison Officer, to request a list of incoming freshmen and upperclass Cadets (or call 843.953.4830).

Lists produced by the Admissions Office contain priviledged information! As such, only active CFA area and company representatives may use these lists for orgainizing Cadet sendoff events.

2. We highly encourage hosting CFA reps. to engage the local alumni, whether they be organized (Citadel Clubs) or not. Alumni provide a different perspective than parents. To see if there is a Citadel Club in your area, please Citadel Club List.

3. Athletic freshmen report early, so hosting your Cadet Sendoff before the end of July is highly encouraged. All list requests should be made roughly 1 month prior to events to ensure ample time.

4. Parents are experts in answering Parent questions. When freshmen parents ask policy or administrative questions, it is always best to refer them to the proper official sources on campus. (Policies and doctrines change, often year to year!)

5. Inexpensive casual events are always best! Backyard BBQ's are the most common format for these events.


These events typically follow similar formats. Below, you will find the most common event format to model yours after:

1. Sign In - Welcome

2. BBQ food

3. Separate the Parents and Cadets: This allows upperclass parents to answer freshmen parent questions. Also, the upperclass Cadets have the opportunity to give guidance/tips to the incoming Knobs.

4. Encourage incoming Knobs to talk with each other

5. Regroup everyone

6. Reiterate the importance of grades and "education first". Knobs can get overly concerned with the military side of Cadet life - it is vital that academics always come first.

7. Emphasize coming in shape. Knobs should be running several miles, doing pushups and situps at least 3 times a week.

8. Upperclass cadets can emphasize Honor. Cadets do not lie, cheat or steal. This lesson is one to adhere to before coming to The Citadel

9. Lastly, emphasize the support network available to each incoming Freshman. There will be terrible days that make Cadets question their decision to attend The Citadel. THIS IS NORMAL. Parents should provide firm support and encouragement.

( updated 8.03.15)