The Summerall Guards are composed of 61 members of the senior class. Membership in this elite silent-drill team is granted upon completion of Bond Volunteer Aspirant (BVA) training. Every year over one hundred members of the junior class commence BVA training. Training begins in January with a physical fitness (PT) test. Those who pass the test and who are academically qualified are granted the right to continue. The actual training last for three weeks, with the last three days reserved for "cuts" and "feats" day. During the training, the BVAs learn how to perform the silent close-order Prussian drill. The BVAs are also subject to random "fall-outs" where the present Summerall Guards conduct an exhaustive inspection of the BVA. The inspection serves as an integrity check to ensure that the BVAs posses unquestionable military bearing and superb personal appearance. During training BVAs must perform stationary and rifle, PT. Stationary PT is composed of military pushups, sit-ups, and other various exercises to strengthen the BVAs. Stationary PT serves to strengthen unit integrity, unit cohesion, and team building dynamics. Rifle PT completes the day's training. Rifle PT serves to bond the unit and temper each BVA in physical stamina. Upon completion of training, each BVA must survive Cuts-Day. Cuts-Day gives each BVA the opportunity to exhibit mastery of the drill. The BVAs proceed by performing the drill. During this time, the Summerall Guards scrupulously examine each BVA for their military bearing, precision of drill, and concentration. Any slight deviation of drill results in a cut. Those 61 members who survive Cuts-Day continue training to learn the actual Citadel Series. At this time, the BVAs compete for feats. Feats consist of tasks designed to challenge each BVA's physical endurance, concentration, and military bearing. BVA training is completed when the members of the present Summerall Guards hand down their rifles to the BVA's in a military ceremony. This special day is the last time the Summerall Guards will perform the series, followed by the rifle exchange. The new Summerall Guards then perform the Citadel Series.

Click below to see pictures of the 2002 BVAs during Spring training.