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Multimedia Equipment

Multimedia Services has equipment to loan for academic and administrative use. Equipment must be reserved a week in advance of needed use.

To make a reservation to use the equipment, call Multimedia Services at 953-5274, or send an email to

Equipment for Checkout

  • 4 laptop/portable projector combinations
  • 9 laptops with wireless
  • 3 portable projectors
  • 4 PowerPoint advancers
  • 1 DVD / VCR
  • 1 set of external computer speakers
  • 2 portable sound systems
  • 3 portable projection screens (60", 80", 100")
  • 1 Project-O-Stand
  • 1 digital still camera
  • 2 digital video cameras
  • 2 tripods
  • 1 wireless microphone
  • 1 computer microphone
  • 3 Web cams
  • 2 card readers
  • 2 digital voice recorders

Updated 01-29-14.

Checkout Equipment Policy

It is Multimedia Services' policy to provide multimedia equipment for checkout to the faculty, staff, alumni, and attending students of The Citadel.

  1. Reservations should be made at least one week in advance.
  2. Reservations have priority over walk-ins.
  3. Cadets may not check out equipment overnight.
    • If they need equipment past normal operating hours for Multimedia Services, they will need to have a faculty or staff member make the reservation for the equipment.
    • The faculty or staff member is responsible for the use and security of the equipment.
  4. Laptops (and projectors) may be borrowed for the following purposes:
    • When faculty and staff are traveling away from campus on Citadel business and a computer is needed.
      Examples: conferences, presentations, and computer-based competitions
    • When faculty, staff, and students need to make a presentation on campus, and a multimedia classroom is not available.
  5. Laptops are not available for personal use in the barracks, the office, at home, or away games.
  6. No more than three sets of laptops and projectors may be checked out by a patron at one time, even if they are part of an event, such as a conference.
  7. The equipment must be returned by the agreed upon time and due date, unless other arrangements have been made and noted on the checkout form.
  8. If they are not able to return the equipment on time, or if there is a problem with the equipment, they must contact Multimedia Services at (843) 953-5274 as soon as possible.

Equipment Probation and Suspension

It is Multimedia’s policy to provide multimedia equipment for checkout to the faculty, staff and students for Citadel related activities and needs. This is a privilege, and due to the limited resources available this privilege can be suspended or removed. Multimedia Services reserves the right to remove privileges at our discretion.

To be placed on the probation/suspension list, the offender must have:

  • Returned equipment late after repeated requests for its return,
  • Not returned all of the equipment,
  • Returned equipment in poor condition, or returned equipment that is broken or is unusable,
  • Been disrespectful to the Multimedia staff.

1st Offense – Warning
The patron will be warned that their behavior is unacceptable, and if they cannot follow Multimedia Services’ rules, they will be placed on probation.  The patron will also be asked to sign an Equipment Probation and Suspension Notice form, acknowledging the warning.

2nd Offense – Probation
A patron is placed on probation when they have broken Multimedia Services’ rules twice. The patron will be warned that if they are late one more time, their privileges will be suspended for one month.  The patron will also be asked to sign their Equipment Probation and Suspension Notice form, acknowledging the probation.

3rd Offense - Suspension
A patron is placed on suspension when they have broken our established rules for the third time. They will not be allowed to checkout equipment for one month. The patron will also be asked to sign their Equipment Probation and Suspension Notice form, acknowledging the suspension.

4th Offense – Removal of Privileges
The fourth offense will result in the complete removal of privileges, and a report to the Commandant’s Office for disciplinary action or a report to the patron’s immediate supervisor.

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