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Multimedia Services is a division of the Information Technology Services (ITS) department of The Citadel devoted to promoting the use of instructional technology in education.

Multimedia Services provides instructional technology based resources and support to help implement a learning system in which academic excellence at The Citadel can be achieved. By providing every student with technology related experiences, The Citadel maximizes the potential to enhance student learning and increase faculty effectiveness. Faculty and students have access to the technology necessary to produce, manage, communicate and retrieve information in an efficient manner for educational achievement.

In the attainment of both present and future goals, Multimedia Services will provide a continually evolving faculty and student development program oriented toward the integration of technology. Recognizing the ever-changing influences of technology on all aspects of our lives, The Citadel is dedicated to providing an integrated technological curriculum to all faculty, staff and students.

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Updated 8/9/2011

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