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Displaying the Total Number of Slides

PowerPoint 2003 does not have a feature that allows you to display the total number of slides in the slide number area of the slide. However, there is a simple work-around.

NOTE: Do these steps at the end of creating the presentation, when you are sure of the total number of slides in your presentation.

A. Edit the Slide Master

  1. Go under the View menu, choose Master, and then Slide Master. (Figure 1)
  2. The Slide Master will open. (Figure 2)
  3. In the lower, right-hand corner of the slide master, there is a placeholder titled "Number Area." (Figure 3)
  4. Notice the <#> inside of the placeholder. This code will display the current slide number. DO NOT DELETE IT!! (Figure 4)
  5. Click to the right of the <#>, and give yourself a space.
  6. Type the words "of N". (Figure 5)
    • N equals the total number of slides in the presentation.
    • For example, if the presentation has a total of 12 slides, you would type "of 12 " after the <#>.
  7. Go back to the normal slide view by going to the View menu, and choosing Normal. (Figure 6)

B. Activate the Slide Footer

  1. Go under the View menu and choose Header and Footer... (Figure 7)
  2. The Header and Footer dialog box will open. (Figure 8)
  3. Make sure the "Slide" tab is active. (Figure 9)
  4. Click in the checkbox beside "Slide number". (Figure 10)
    • Uncheck "Date and time" if you don't want them displayed on the slides.
    • Uncheck "Footer" if you don't want the footer displayed on the slides.
  5. Click the "Apply to All" button. (Figure 11)
  6. You will now see the slide numbers on each slide. (Figure 12)
Figures 1- 12
Figure 1  Go under the view menu, choose menu, and then choose slide master.

Figure 2

 The Slide Master
Figure 3  The Slide Number Area
Figure 4  The code for the current slide number.
Figure 5  What the code should look like after typing in the additional information.
Figure 6  Go under the View menu and choose Normal.
Figure7 Go under the view menu and choose Headers and Footers.
Figure 8  The header and footer dialog box.
Figure 9 The Slide Tab
Figure 10 The Slide Number check box.
Figure 11 The Apply to All button
Figure 12 The actual slide with the numbers on it.


Updated 7-9-07

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