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About Bond 165

Seating Capacity Equipment How to Reserve Room
  • 1 Gateway computer with:
    • DVD/CD-ROM Drive
    • Internal Zip Drive
  • 2 rear-screen projectors
  • Document camera
  • Wireless mic
Complete the Room Request Form, or call Lawrence Galasso at 953-5274.


  1. All reservations for Bond 165 are made through Multimedia Services.
  2. You may only use the auditorium during the time reserved.
  3. Reservations for reoccurring classes in the auditorium are to be booked by the end of the previous semester.
  4. A mandatory room briefing is required before keys to the auditorium will be issued.
  5. Keys are issued to faculty and staff members; students will not be issued keys.
  6. Students are required to be supervised at all times by a faculty or staff member while in the auditorium.
  7. When you reserve the auditorium for a reoccurring reservation, you will be issued a confirmation. In that confirmation, you will be notified of any previous reservations that conflict with your class. If there is a conflict, it is your responsibility to find an alternative classroom.
  8. Please report any damages or misuse of the equipment or auditorium.
  9. Food and beverages are not allowed in the auditorium.
  10. Tobacco products are not allowed in the auditorium.
  11. When finished in auditorium, please lock the multimedia cabinet and both doors.


Updated 7/13/09.

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