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What is a multimedia room or auditorium?

A basic multimedia room is equipped with a computer, a DVD/VCR player, and a projection system.  These rooms are mainly used by faculty and staff who teach using multimedia software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint. Some multimedia rooms also contain digital presenters and/or ACTIVboards.


Multimedia Classrooms and Auditoriums on Campus

There are many multimedia classrooms and auditoriums on campus, but the Bond 165 auditorium and the Bond 258 lab are the ONLY two rooms that are maintained by Multimedia Services.  Please contact individual departments for further information about the other rooms.

Bond 165 and Bond 258 Information

General Instructions for Multimedia Classrooms

  • With document cameras (PDF - 46kb)
  • Without document cameras (PDF - 34kb)

Requests for New Multimedia Classrooms/Equipment

Multimedia Services provides assistance in designing and installing new multimedia equipped rooms and classrooms, as well as planning and installing any multimedia equipment upgrades.

In order to better serve the campus, we have developed the following timeline to help keep all parties involved in sync and on track. This timeline will also help ensure that the projects get completed on time with as little disruption as possible to the student's and to the department's schedules.

There are two sets of timelines to follow, depending on the source of funding.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Updated 7/13/09.

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