The Citadel Volunteers
Citadel Admissions
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Charleston, SC 29409
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  • Who are the Citadel Volunteer Recruiters?

    CVRs are alumni (primarily undergraduates) who volunteer to recruit for The Citadel in their respective home towns. We currently have over 350 CVRs.

  • What is expected of a new Citadel Volunteer Recruiter?

    CVRs devote a minimum of 15 hours of recruiting service to The Citadel via: representing EL CID at local college fairs, visiting local high school guidance offices, calling accepted students in January & February, or by stirring recruiting action in their local Citadel Alumni Club.

  • How do I learn details about alumni recruiting?

    Download and print off the CVR Manual - this informative manual illustrates the finer points of our organization, illustrating CVR responsibilities, organizational struction & history, as well as providing contact information for key Citadel staff members.

  • How do I refer a prospect to the Office of Admissions?

    Students are now assigned via their geographic regions. Click the following link to see the assigned Admissions counselors, via the map link.

  • What is a college fair / career fair?

    A college fair / career fair is an event put on by high schools or higher education organizations to introduce students to college representatives, typically in an open setting (gym - convention center). At these events, college rep's. arrive 30 minutes before the fair, check in with organizers, set up their recruiting table. Once students arrive (and parents @ night events), CVRs answer questions. To help CVRs answer questions there is a downloadable college fair statistical reference sheet that provides general college data. If CVRs are unable to answer a question, they simply refer these students directly to the Office of Admissions.

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