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Welcome to the home of The Citadel Volunteer Recruitment Program (CVR):

The Citadel Volunteer Recruitment (CVR) program, formerly known as the Cadet Procurement Program (CAPP), was founded in 1973. Its mission, under the guidance of the Citadel Alumni Association and the Admissions Office, is to recruit and assist highly qualified high school students through the enrollment process.

Alumni recruitment has been, and will continue to be, a vital component of The Citadel's overall recruiting plan. Citadel Volunteer Recruiters provide a "personal touch" to the enrollment experience. In addition, CVR's offer parents a "third party" contact for information and direction.

Traditionally, Citadel Alumni Clubs across the nation have formed the foundation of this program, using club resources and hosting recruiting events. However, individual CVR's not affiliated with active Citadel Clubs can make an impact in their local communities through a concerted recruiting effort.
The reason well over 200 alumni serve as Citadel Volunteer Recruiters is because they feel a connection to our Alma Mater. But one reason seems to be the most abundant:

Citadel Volunteer Recruiters Enjoy Recruiting Sharp Young High School Students to Continue the Tradition!!

Into The Future:

As a school that has gained national attention (through visits by The President of The United States and various television programs) we are held to a higher standard than other public colleges. This same standard serves as an asset to our CVR's, as it places specific emphasis on our hallmark characteristics:

  • The Honor System
  • Outstanding Academic Reputation
  • Distinguished Military reputation
  • Job placement statistics
  • Superior graduation rates

With this being said, there are some factors that are making recruiting more difficult for our CVR's:

  • Highly competitive Admissions standards
  • Cost vs. Value (US News and World Reports)
  • Challenges of Knob Year vs. a typical Public Institution

The future of the Citadel Volunteer program will rely heavily on CVR's having up-to-date Admissions statistics and procedures. Thus the CVR Website will serve as the nerve-center of our organization.