David G. Allen, Professor of Medieval Literature. Ph.D., Duke University.

Jennifer Bernstein, Assistant Professor of Colonial American Literature. Ph.D., N. Y. U.

Licia M. Calloway, Associate Professor of African-American Literature. Ph.D., Michigan.

E. Frances Frame, Associate Professor of Victorian Literature. Ph.D., University of South Carolina.

Sean Heuston, Associate Professor of American and Southern Literatures and Film. Ph.D., Vanderbilt

Thomas D. Horan, Assistant Professor of Modern British Literature. Ph.D., Chapel Hill.

James M. Hutchisson, Professor of American and Southern Literatures. Ph.D., Delaware.

Margaret M. Lally. Associate Professor of Creative Writing. Ph.D., Case Western Reserve.

James S. Leonard. Professor of American Literature. Ph.D., Brown University.

Michael Livingston. Assistant Professor of Medieval Literature. Ph.D., Rochester.

Scott C. Lucas. Associate Professor of Renaissance Literature. Ph.D., Berkeley.

Peter Mailloux. Associate Professor of Contemporary Literature. Ph.D., Berkeley.

Katherine Pilhuj. Assistant Professor of Renaissance Literature. Ph.D., Miami.

Jack W. Rhodes. Professor of English Romantic Literature. Ph.D., South Carolina.

Lauren Rule. Assistant Professor of 20th century literatures of the Americas. Ph.D., Emory.

Kathryn Strong. Assistant Professor of 18th century literature. Ph.D., University of Southern California.

Thomas C. Thompson, Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Composition. Ph.D., Florida State University.

A Nationally Recognized Faculty


Our faculty of 17 full-time professors are among the best in the southeast. Among the faculty are published experts on such authors as Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Frost, Franz Kafka, and J. R. R. Tolkien and on such topics as collaborative writing, teacher education, Gullah culture and traditions, Elizabethan verse narratives, and a host of other scholarly subjects. Some professors have also written fiction and poetry.

As teachers, they are known for diligence and rigor, and for encouraging students to fulfill their highest potential. Numerous graduates of the program have gone on to successful teaching careers, inspired in large part by the example of the faculty who taught them.

Other students have followed professional tracks, publishing papers, presenting research at conferences, and participating in seminars and workshops aimed at professional development.

Collectively, the English faculty has published more than 30 books, 75 articles and chapters of books, and presented nearly 200 professional papers at academic conferences and workshops. Many have also served as expert manuscript readers for publishers and journals, held office in national organizations, and been the recipients of numerous fellowships and other academic awards.

As part of a joint program, courses for the M.A. are also taught by a distinguished faculty at the College of Charleston. Click here for a listing of College of Charleston professors.