Overview of Campus-wide community service activities 5-15-01

These responses were submitted by individuals in response to an e-mail request by the community relations committee, FY00-01. Collated by Alix Darden, Chair.

Business Administration

I am the economics columnist for the Charleston Regional Business Journal.

Steve Silver, BA, 10/10/00


In response to your e-mail request, here are some community service

items I am aware of in Psychology: 10/10/00 From Conway Saylor.

1) Psi Chi (honor society- Maria Lynn Kessler is POC) supports the Interfaith Crisis Ministries by serving lunch to the homeless every fifth Tuesday (@10 graduate students, undergraduates, and faculty) and by sponsoring @ 3 drives per year- food in the fall and the spring and toiletries/hats/socks at Christmas. This started with a national outreach to homeless initiative 3 years ago and we kept it up on our own after that.

2) Since 1993 we have had a close relationship with DDSN (Charleston County Board for persons with disabilities and Special Needs). Psychology Club (Darin Matthews is POC) sponsors a Halloween dance and a

Valentines dance for persons with disabilities which brings in @250 people with disabilities from the community and usually 50-75 cadets from Psychology classes.

3) For two years our dept has worked with Special Olympics. Many of us volunteered for winter games on this campus last Feb. I went with a unified soccer team to the Special Olympics in Greenville last year with cadet and grad student volunteer coaches Brian Cowart, Brian Street, Scott Taylor, and Cara Trez

4) For two years we have supported the development of Unified Sports at Mt. Pleasant Rec combining kids with and without disabilities to play soccer, basketball, track, softball, and/or attend unified summer camps. Almost 100% of the volunteer coaches have been Citadel students who found their way to the program through our faculty and/or the programs above. Last week we hosted the celebration of the two-year anniversary of unified sports here on campus. About 60 kids, 4 cadets, and myself attended. Several alumni remain active volunteers, including Mike Pallazzo (who helped found the Buddy Program in 1993), Matt McMahon, Brian Street, and Brian Cowart

5) I work with MUSC's "Caring Connection" as a consultant and parent trainer on a volunteer basis. I helped start the program over 10 years ago and now it does outreach out of MUSC to families of pediatric inpatients, outpatient clinics and people in the community whose children have medical and developmental problems.

6) Nancy Bell and I both mentored Academic Magnet High School seniors in research this year.

7) I reviewed proposals for academic magnet Science fair projects as the professional member of their IRB (spring 2000).

8) Several of us (I think Pat Leverett, Nancy Bell, Darin Matthews and I) judged the science fair projects at The School of the Arts last spring.

9) Cadets Cliff Washburn and Marty (James) Murray trained and worked with The City of Charleston this summer to assess public properties such as Riley Park and Hampton Park to see whether they met requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act.

10) As a "private citizen" I support other outreach including ECCO, John's Island Rural Mission, Coastal Conservation League, my Church's "Loaves and Fishes" food collection outreach, various church programs,

and 3 PTA's.

Hope this helps. Good luck! CFS


I'll respond to your email so that I'm more specific about what students do with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program (VITA.) Accounting students have assisted the IRS with VITA for about 6 years. Sheila Foster and I were generally in charge of training students with IRS-provided materials through several instructional sessions. Students then assisted at local libraries and malls with other volunteers in the community. The IRS requires them to pass a competency exam before they can assist and the IRS manages the sites where volunteers assist. Students then work in 2-3 hour shifts preparing tax returns. This occurs in March and April.

Cindy Bolt, 10-11-00


I am a member and serve on the board of directors of the Charleston Men's Chorus; member of Trident Chamber of Commerce; bi-annual speaker on Russian history and current events to geography and history classes at Stratford High School.

Gary Nichols, 10-16-00

From John Carter

In response to your query re: community service projects in which cadets, faculty, staff, and The Citadel have been historically involved...

1. You need to contact Jamie McGraw in Jenkins Hall, Commandant's Office. For the past 2-3 years, he has been The Citadel's point man for community service projects. He coordinates the community's requests with getting the cadets there for the event. I am sure his list of past accomplishments is long.

2. Before Jamie came on board, Cadet Activities, then known as Student Activities, handled many requests from the public for cadets to perform service projects. When Ms. Wallace was there, she even compiled a Community Service Projects Books with dozens of organizations and contact people who annually called for repeat performances by cadet volunteers. I don't know if that "book" still exists over in MCH's second floor offices, however, I know that it existed because I helped her put it together.

3. Dave Trautman and I worked with Conway Saylor on the Faculty Community Service Committee for a few years. We tried to encourage Student Activities and the cadets to unite to have a more coordinated effort. Alpha Psi Omega, national service fraternity; the Eagle Scouts Association; and the Afro-Am Society seemed to always lead the way among campus groups. The Athletics Dept at the Citadel also sends teams and individual athletes throughout the Lowcountry to visit kids and give clinics.

I cannot list all of the specific events and numbers of cadets who have participated, however, a sampling would include The Citadel's participation in the Cooper River Bridge Run; the IOP Connector Walk/Run; the Clean City campaigns of Charleston and North Charleston; various field days at local schools; dozens of events at Halloween with the recreation departments at IOP, Mt Pleasant, West Ashley, James Island, and City of Charleston; we have helped with youth track meets in North Charleston and West Ashley; each Sping for the

past 8-9 years, nearly 100 cadets have volunteered to help with the LowCountry Senior Games, aka Senior Olympics hosted by The Citadel in which 200-300 older adults each year compete in 30+ sporting events; don't forget too about the Psychology dept's efforts on behalf of special members of the community with Buddy Programs and Valentines dances and the like.

Hope this helps. Please do check with Jamie McGraw, Cadet Activities (Mary Ann

Dorton or Dick Irby), and the Athletics Dept. for their institutional memory.

Writing Center

Conducting workshops for the Gear-Up program (coordinated by Dr. Hewitt and Dr. Rodgers in the education department)

Tutoring local elementary school students at Charleston Day, Stiles Point Elementary, and Seaside Academy

Conducting a workshop for the Chamber of Commerce

Conducting a workshop for the Charleston chapter of the Public Relations Society of America

Collecting canned soda tabs for MUSC

Erica Larsh, Office Manager

The Citadel Writing Center


2000 National Engineers Week at The Citadel

Civil and Electrical Engineering students participated in a variety of activities related to the 2000 National Engineers Week. A central event was hosting a craft stick bridge competition for 4th, 5th and 6th grade students from Charleston area schools. A total of 30 bridges from five schools were entered in the competition. Approximately 150 participants including students, parents and teachers attended the event held Saturday, February 26 on The Citadel campus. Participating schools were Charleston Day School, Sea Island Academy, Blessed Sacrament, Marrington Middle School and Moultrie Middle School. Other concurrent activities aimed at exposing students to various aspects of science and engineering included interactive classroom demonstrations, computer displays, senior project posters and engineering department tours.

The craft stick bridge event was organized with assistance from the Charleston Math & Science Hub and Ashley Hall School. As determined by a panel of judges, trophies for the top bridge entries were presented to the following participants:

Best Strength-to-Weight Ratio






1st Place


Sea Island Academy

Ellison & Dan


2nd Place


Blessed Sacrament



3rd Place


Marrington M.S.



Maximum Bridge Load





Load Kg (lbs)

1st Place


Blessed Sacrament


46.155 (101.7)

2nd Place


Seal Island Academy

Ellison & Dan

44.137 (97.3)

3rd Place


Marrington M.S.


40.712 (89.7)

As determined by the judges’ panel, other bridge award categories included best overall, most original, most constructible, and best craftsmanship. In addition to trophies, all students received participation ribbons provided through funds from the Charleston Joint Engineering Council. Local school officials were encouraged to further recognize the student’s academic achievement by displaying awards in their school’s trophy case. The CEE Department extends a most sincere appreciation to the following individuals who served as judges:

Mr. Steve Marek, Orbital Engineering

Capt. Sarah Maynard, 437 Civil Engineer Squadron, US Air Force

Capt. Phillip Bell, 437 Civil Engineer Squadron, US Air Force

Mr. Charles Denson, The Citadel, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Cadet Andrew Smith, The Citadel, Civil & Environmental Engineering

National Engineers Week activities concluded with twenty-five Cadets accompanying CEE Dept. Head, Col. Dennis Fallon and other faculty members to the local Engineers Award Banquet. In addition to networking with local engineers, cadets learned about the Futrex Transportation System from a presentation made by the keynote speaker, Mr. Jim Tuten. The observance of National Engineers Week at The Citadel is aimed at promoting awareness of the engineering profession and supporting outreach to the surrounding community.


Civil and environmental engineering

Participated in Playground Construction Project – 55 CEE students participated in construction of the Playground Plantation in Summerville on Sept. 30, 2000. The project involved an enormous community undertaking to construct a $250,000 playground on a 1-acre site located in an existing town park. Evening students and Cadets worked from 8 am to 12 noon and before leaving enjoyed a nice lunch. Afterwards, Cadets had time to make it back to campus for the march over to The Citadel vs. SC State football game, held later that afternoon. Students helped in spreading mulch, framing wooden structures, sanding/painting and operating heavy equipment. Col. Dion made a special appearance to make sure no one was "jacked-up on cinder blocks." In all, CEE students contributed over 200 hours of service to this worthy community effort.

Hosted Lowcountry GIS Trade Show and Workshop – On Sept. 18, 2000, Cadets hosted a GIS Tradeshow and workshop that included a variety of vendor displays and several technical presentations. The event, which is intended to become an annual event, was organized in conjunction with the Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments Lowcountry GIS Users Group. Over 40 cadets were in attendance with 60 additional participants from people working in the GIS field. Students found the technical information to be of significant interest as the CEE program places considerable emphasis on surveying, mapping, geomatics and GIS. Topics presented by representatives of local SC firms included GIS Applications, Public Safety Law Enforcement/Shot-finder GIS, Internet GIS, SC Hurricane Evacuation and GPS for GIS. Vendor displays were furnished by Berkeley County GIS, Charleston County Project Impact, Sabine & Waters, BCS, ROK Technologies, BCD-COG, Duncan-Parnell, and TPM of Columbia.

Served as Science Judges at Academic Magnet High School - Ten students served as judges for the annual science fair held at the Academic Magnet High School in N. Charleston on Feb. 15, 2000. CEE students judged a variety of environmental projects and were joined by cadets in other departments who judged physics and biology projects. Cadet evaluations were aggregated together with other judges from local colleges and used to determine winners in various categories.

Hosted Craft Stick Bridge Competition for Dorchester Dist. 2 Schools – The event was held at The Citadel on December 6, 1999. Over 30 cadets worked as volunteers to organize and host the event. Participating schools included Oakbrook, Dubose, Gregg and Alston middle schools. The judges, cadets and faculty were extremely impressed with the students’ bridges and their efforts on behalf of the competition. The CEE Department extends a most sincere appreciation to the following individuals who served as judges:

Mr. Harry Mills, HNTB

Ms. Angela Allinder, Trico Engineering

Ms. Kasey McWhorter, S&ME

Mr. Lowrey Shuler, Law Engineering

Ms. Jean Hood, Law Engineering


There were 97 bridge entries from the four participating schools and approximately 350 participants including students, parents and teachers. The top bridges in the strength to weight category were as follows:






1st Place


Juvenile Industries

Gregg M.S.


2nd Place



Dubose M.S.


3rd Place


Xcalibur Bridge Cp.

Oakbrook M.S.




Millennium Bridges

Oakbrook M.S.





Oakbrook M.S.





Gregg M.S.




H & W, Inc.

Alston M.S.



Cadets and faculty regularly judge science fairs at local schools including the Academic Magnet and the Charleston County School for the Arts.

Alix Darden, Pat Glas, Mei Chen (Math), Lisa Zuraw (Chemistry), Kevin Crawford (Chemistry) are all involved in the Post and Courier Math and Science Challenge.

Alix Darden has done outreach programs at several local schools entitled "If I washed my hands once, why do I have to wash them again?" She also has mentored three students from the School for the Arts on a science project-breeding flies.

Pat Glas and Joe Kelley judged the Lowcountry Science Fair.

Alix Darden is currently involved in a library science (emphasizing genetics), outreach program, aimed at families, which is the second Saturday of each month, for 2 hours, at the downtown library.