Chair: Terry M. Mays
Members: Don Sparks, Peter Greim, Marcus Cox, W. Jeffrey Davis

The Community Relations Committee met for the first time on 12 November 2002. Terry Mays was elected as the committee chair for the academic year. A 2001-2002 Annual Report for the committee was not prepared the previous year so the Committee was not able to review one to determine the direction that was set for 2002-2003. In response, the Committee members discussed the purpose of the organization and what actions it should take to review The Citadel's external relations with the community. The Committee chair met with Charlene Gunnells, the Public Information Coordinator for The Citadel. She prepared a comprehensive review of The Citadel's public relations efforts and copies were forwarded to each Committee member.
The Committee met again on 1 April 2003. During this meeting, members discussed The Citadel's public relations efforts as outlined in Ms. Gunnells' report. Committee members expressed that The Citadel had a very good year in reaching out to local and national media as well as various entertainment-based television shows. Attention was then turned to the immediate community around The Citadel. The question was raised as to whether The Citadel is doing enough to reach out to the community just outside of our gates. The Chair offered to invite Mr. Pete Lawrence, the head of the West Side Neighborhood Association, to speak to his government class. Mr. Lawrence is active in local politics and contemplating a bid to run for the South Carolina Senate. He spoke to two government classes about running for local political offices, received a tour of the campus from cadets, and joined faculty members for lunch at the Faculty House. The event proved very positive and could be a good way to reach out to other local community leaders.