Committee on Committees Report for AY 2003-2004

The Committee on Committees began meeting by email in January to review committee charters. After reviewing the charters, we forwarded them to Faculty Council for further action.

We put out an email call for committee preferences in January, then had face-to-face meetings to discuss recommendations for staffing committees for the upcoming academic year. We held meetings in Capers 109 on February 26, March 4, March 11, and March 12, during which time we created a list of recommendations; we then forwarded that list to BGEN Carter.

The committee was pleased to be able to provide relief to those faculty members serving on three on more committees; with changes in some charters and the dissolution of some committees, we were able to submit recommendations that had NO faculty members serving on more than two committees, not counting committees we don't staff.

Respectfully submitted,
Tom Thompson, chair
March 12, 2004

Addendum to Committee on Committees Report, 5-3-04

Following publication of the committee assignments for AY 2004-2005, several faculty members pointed out problems with the assignments: a faculty member not returning next year, another going on administrative sabbatical, another moving into a department head position, and several other such issues. Although the committee lacked this information when making the initial recommendations, the discovery of these facts required several modifications to the list. The committee therefore had another meeting on 5-3-04 to address the various issues, then submitted a new set of recommendations to the Provost.

The committee further decided that it would be helpful to publish a tentative list of recommendations to the general faculty before submitting the list to the Provost, so, the faculty could notify the committee of any potential problems or inconsistencies before the committee made its final recommendations to the Provost for final action.