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Rationale (General Statement):


Faculty and Resources Required (list numerically):


  1. Number of full time faculty qualified to teach this course:
  2. The course will be taught mostly by: (identify, e.g., adjuncts; regular faculty by name, etc.)
  3. Will the course be offered in the Citadel Graduate College?
  4. Will the course require faculty development or retraining?
  5. Resources needed to offer the course (a, b, c, etc.)

(a) Are there special needs (lab equipment, computer software, etc.) that must be met before the course can be offered?

            (b) Estimated budget for these resources.

            (c) Explain how the department will meet these budget requirements:

            (d) Will lab fees be charged?

(e) Will the course require additional library databases, books, reference materials, etc.?


6.  What resources will be needed by the faculty to support the course? Such resources may include computer hardware, software, or equipment. (use additional pages if necessary)