The Citadel Faculty Council Meeting Minutes


Meeting Date and Time:       

Thursday, November 8, 2007, 11:00 am

Meeting Location:

Daniel Library Instruction Lab

Meeting Type:




I. Call To Order


Chair Trautman called the regular meeting of the Faculty Council to order. A working agenda had been distributed previously by email. The Chair welcomed those attending.



II. Attendees  (substitutes shown in parentheses)


Faculty Council Members (attending members shown by “X” in right column)

Barsanti, Bob

Electrical Engineering


Betterton, Carl (Secretary 2007-08)

Business Administration


Bishop, Jane



Briggs, Pat



Brown, Kathy



Calloway, Licia



Connor, Elizabeth



Cooper, David

Naval Science


Dorko, Mike



Francel, Margaret



Grenier, Kathy



Gustafson, Danny



Keogh, Tim

Business Administration


Mays, Terry

Political Science & Criminal Just.


McPherson, Ray

Aerospace Studies


Politano, Mike



Eloy Urroz

Modern Language


Spafford, Beau

Military Science


Templeton, Josey (Harry Davacos)

Health, Exercise & Sport Science


Thompson, Tom



Trautman, David (Chair 2007-08)

Mathematics and Computer Science


Woelfel, Kay



Woo, Michael (J.A.M)

Civil and Environmental Engineering







III. Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting


The minutes of the previous meeting (18 Oct 07) had been sent to all members via email. Comments or corrections were requested. Members requested the following corrections: (1) In the wording of the motion for Evaluation of Instruction Committee recommendations, revise the phrase “with scantron use” to “with scantron-tabulated results” and (2) under discussion of Class absence system delete one sentence and revise the sentence prior to the motion to read, “Now we understand that it may be about two years ....” The minutes were approved with these corrections.



IV. Old Business


Election of Faculty Council Vice-Chair for 2007-2008.


Josey Templeton was nominated. There were no other nominations. Members voted unanimously to elect Josey Templeton Vice-Chair.



V. New Business


Updates from Graduate Council, Presidential Staff Meetings, and Academic Board.


Graduate Council


1.  In many of its graduate programs The Citadel lists as “fully accepted” many students who are really provisionally admitted and still fulfilling some entrance requirements or in the processing of having proper documentation sent to The Citadel.  Due to accrediting and reporting issues we need to properly list these students as “non degree seeking”.  This raises other problems (such as financial aid concerns.)  Directors of the affected graduate programs are working on how best to address this issue.  (It appears the key problem is that The Citadel has no way to list “provisionally admitted”, we have “fully accepted” or “non degree seeking”.)


2.  Will Johnson noted the MA program in Clinical Counseling has very low minority enrollment.  He asked GC for advice on how to recruit minority students.  Sam Hines recommended that Citadel faculty try to establish relationships with faculty at colleges and universities which have substantial minority enrollment.




The International Education Study Group (IESG) is established by the Provost to undertake research into and to formulate recommendations regarding international education at The Citadel.  The International Education Study Group (IESG) will include representation from the faculty, staff, student body, and alumni. The IESG will be co-chaired by Professor Donald Sparks (School of Business) and co-chaired by Maj. Robert Pickering (Study Abroad Office). A member of the Advisory Board of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences will be asked to serve as an alumni representative. Faculty representatives will be recommended by their school deans to ensure representation across the entire curriculum. One of the Professors of Military Science will also serve on the IESG. Student representatives (with junior class standing) may be nominated by their school deans and should be pursuing a major that has an international dimension.  In addition, student representatives ideally will have participated in a study abroad experience. The IESG will make its final report to the Provost in September 2008.



Report from Bill Woolsey, ad hoc committee on faculty governance


Bill Woolsey presented an interim report from the ad hoc committee on faculty governance. The committee developed three principles of reform: (1) Continuity of Leadership, (2) Faculty Senate Model, and (3) the understanding that the Provost can consult directly with all elements of the faculty – Deans, Department Heads, Chairmen of key committees. This third element had been understood but was made explicit upon meeting with the Provost, who also indicated his need to review the “Carter” proposal for Faculty Senate, assess Academic Board’s view on possible reform, and observe operations of Faculty Council. After further discussion two related motions were presented:


That the Ad-Hoc Committee on Faculty Governance forward to Faculty Council by Council’s next meeting the committee report on faculty governance structure at peer institutions.           

The motion passed unanimously.


That the Ad-Hoc Committee on Faculty Governance develop a draft proposal on Faculty Governance.

The motion passed unanimously.


Campus clocks


Faculty Council wants the correct time on campus clocks and personal computers. Wall clocks vary widely in stated time, and PC clocks are inconsistent with one another and with the wall clocks. The Chair will follow up on this issue.


Adequate sleep for cadets


Some faculty are concerned about cadet sleep deprivation. Activities such as the recent (29 October 2007) regimental PT do not appear to serve any obvious purpose, and are academically destructive. The Chair will send a letter to the administration on this subject.


Campus phone directories


Some faculty have need for an additional paper copy of the campus phone directory, and wonder what the policy is regarding number of copies printed and availability of extra copies. The Chair will inquire.




Relative to our discussion in an earlier meeting of the Cadet Attendance System (CAS), it was pointed out that wording in the catalog does not constitute a contract with faculty.



VI. Adjournment


Chair Trautman thanked members for their attendance and efforts, and adjourned the meeting.




Respectfully submitted,


Carl Betterton, Secretary