May 7, 2001

TO:         Tom Thompson, Faculty Council
FROM:   Steve Comer, Financial Affairs Committee
Subject:   Report on activities for AY 2000-01

The Financial Affairs Committee met in early September to receive an update from Col. Holland on the status of the college budget for the current year and to discuss plans for the year. We felt it was a good idea to make financial information available to the faculty via the web. The Committee's second meeting as part of the Mid-Year Review was cancelled because there was no mid-year review.

The Committee exchanged a few e-mails during the year with regard to plans and the Chair met a couple of times with Col. Holland to discuss distribution of official reports. It was discovered that the Fact Book, published by the Office of Planning and Assessment, which contains some financial information was already available at

Using this as a model Col. Holland is preparing to make available the College's Fiscal Status Report when it becomes available in late August/early September.

The Committee received no requests from Faculty Council.