TO:         George Williams, Faculty Council
FROM:   Michael Cretacci, Financial Affairs Committee
Subject:   Report on activities for AY 2002-03

The Financial Affairs Committee met in September to determine to what extent financial information pertinent to the operation of the College would be available on the web. The Committee's second meeting during the latter part of the Fall 2002 semester was with Col. Holland. He and his staff provided the Committee with information that addressed the financial health of the College as well as implemented and future budget cuts.

The Committee exchanged a few e-mails during the year with regard to plans and the Chair met a couple of times with Col. Holland to discuss distribution of official reports via the web and hard copy. Financial information addressing the College's operation can be found at

The Committee received no requests from any other standing committee, although, the Committee did contact Faculty Council about the possibility of it addressing the campus parking issue.