7 Oct 93
General Faculty Meeting, VPAA Clif Poole presiding
11:00 AM
Ducket Hall
  1. Reports from various deans:
The SACS process is ongoing, the college document is in final edit and is being submitted to the president. A copy will be placed in the library for general perusal, specific individuals will be asked to review specific portions. The chair of the review committee will be on campus 9 & 10 November.

The Faculty Manual is being printed, a hard copy will be placed in each department; the manual will also be available on the VAX.

Various items for the retention/tenure/promotion process will be forthcoming; the fall orientation meeting on policies and procedures will be on 18 October 1993

Evening college has 2113 students enrolled (highest ever); multi- year trend shows a continuing steady increase

On 28 Nov 93 a Graduate Faculty Meeting to be held to address various priority issues identified by Graduate Council, also various graduate affairs, etc.

Gaskins: was not present.

  1. To a question concerning the policy on sexual harassment, VPAA Poole stated that there is now a specific statement in the Faculty Manual; he also stated his position with respect to sexual harassment and elaborated briefly on this.

  2. A brief discussion ensued concerning recent wide-broadcast e-mail messages concerning media contacts and peripherally related topics. VPAA Poole stated that the incident which precipitated the initial message did NOT involve a member of the faculty.

    VPAA Poole stated his support for freedom of speech on campus. It was M&S that a vote of appreciation for this statement be expressed; carried by unanimous voice vote.

  3. In the opinion of VPAA Poole, the college is, for the most part, going to be "all right" with respect to the SACS process. The area that will be most troublesome is the various aspects assessment and planning.

  4. VPAA Poole expressed a desire to ensure a greater communication and awareness between the faculty and the various faculty committees.

  5. On strategic planning: to have quality, we need a vision and we need standards for the assessment of performance; we need to have effective allocation of resources to fulfill plans and goals.

    Professor Nichols' committee will be expanded to have campus-wide representation; later discussion addressed the need to have (in some suitable form) alumni and community representation.

  6. Professor Coussons (Chair of Faculty Council) reported on the status of the "assessment of instruction" process. An assessment package ("tested" questions, demographic data from previous use of these questions, and analysis software) will be obtained and implemented in the Spring of 1994. Various mechanical aspects of the process will be developed by the faculty committee charged by Faculty Council to implement this assessment. At the present time, the recommendation is that the "deans and department heads" give these "results" a weight of not more than one-third of the weight given to the TEACHING portion in the PDS evaluation process. Faculty members who wish to contribute ideas, etc., which will further the process are invited to contact the committee chaired by Professor Siskind.

  7. VPAA Poole indicated that he would be approaching the Board of Visitors concerning the establishment of a policy on faculty salaries. He also indicated, without too much hope for success, that he would be asking that the Board's committee meetings be open to faculty and cadet ex officio representation.

  8. VPAA Poole stated his intent to hold general faculty meetings at periodic intervals. An early meeting will address the graduate and evening schools.