7 Dec 93
General Faculty Meeting, VPAA Clif Poole presiding
11:00 AM
Ducket Hall
  1. Professor Tom Richardson (Secretary, Faculty Council) was elected recorder for the remainder of the 1993-94 academic year

  2. Professor Suzanne Edwards made a report on recent developments in the SACS process:
    There was a preliminary visit from the Chair of the SACS reaffirmation committee on 9-10 November 1993. Meetings were held with the steering committee and the deans. The overall intent was to make the mechanical arrangements for the visit of the full committee in February. For the most part, The Citadel "looks good" but the areas of assessment and planning are weak.

    Final revisions to the draft report are being made; it is due to be completed over the Christmas break and will be forwarded to SACS in January. The document has been circulated past the president and the deans among others.

    Faculty are asked to reserve (no scheduled activities other than classes) 22-25 February 1994 for the visit of the fifteen-member reaffirmation committee; some faculty may be asked to meet with committee members.
  3. Professor Mark Bebensee reported on the status of the accreditation process for the business program:
    In the past, the accrediting agency has generally addressed "colleges" not "departments" of business; the agency has revised its accrediting procedures to more easily include "departments."

    The Citadel is presently in the "candidacy application" process; 1994-95 will be the "self-evaluation" year with 1995-96 as the "peer review" year; the current goal is for accreditation to be granted in spring 1996.
  4. Professor Gary Nichols reported on changes being made to the Strategic Planning process.
    The committee is being expanded. Membership will include M/M Poole, Askins, Coussons, H. Ezell, Edwards, Lyons, Gaskins, Whitewan, Kennedy, Fulgum, Shotlier, McKay, Gill, Rieger, Welch, Pyatt, Metts, and Reilly as well as the Senior Class President and representatives of the Evening College (BA and MS candidates and an alumnus) and the community.

    Current objectives are to review, critique, and update the past work of the commitee. A significant self-analysis has been accomplished through the SACS self-study process.
  5. Professor Coussons reported on the current activities of Faculty Council.
    The "Evaluation of Instruction" committee has been asked to administer a trial in the Spring of 1994.

    The FC Executive Committee will be looking at the Committee Structure.

    There has been some concern about the revised Faculty Manual with respect to the interpretation of teaching loads. Council has made a recommendation for further revision.
  6. Professor Adelman reported on the salary study which has been made by the Faculty Employment Committee.
    The process which lead to the reports and trend analyses which were distributed to faculty via e-mail and placed in the library was reviewed.

    There is a need to address both overall and individual inequities and discrepencies, both within departments and to with respect to the peer group; processes to begin addressing these are underway.

    There is a need to established a board-of-visitors-approved salary policy. Among the things to be included are cost of living increases, "reward" for merit evaluation -- both career and periodic, and suitable new assistant professor salaries.

    Financing of this is also an item of concern.
  7. Dean Poole reported briefly on the status of task forces on alcohol abuse and student organizations. Other items currently being addressed include the leave policy.

    In reference to the concerns forwarded from Faculty Council, he stated that there are no changes anticipated in the current course load basis of 12 credit, 14 contact hours.

Tom Richardson, recorder (secretary, Faculty Council)