General Faculty Meeting on "Merit Pay" Process
31 March 94
  1. Memorandum 6, 24 Mar 94, which outlines various aspects of the State AUTHORIZATION for a merit-based salary enhancement, had been made available to faculty in advance of this meeting. An E-mail from Professor Ezell served to remind faculty to peruse this document.

  2. General Poole briefly presented a background and history leading up to the present time:

    there have been no merit raises for several years;

    the state law AUTHORIZES agencies to award merit increases but does not appropriate funds -- funds must be found within the agency

    the same state law does not permit the addressing of salary inequities, even though this latter route would be the administration's preferance.

  3. Discussion: if the money were available, is there a prohibition on salary equalization or general enhancement: no definitive answer beyond the need for the donor (or source) of such funds and the Board of Visitors to make such a determination. The Turner money is apparantly not yet available for such a purpose.

    Dean Metts commented that the Salary Plan/Policy is a separate issue. Also in this discussion he stated that the State restricts APPROPRIATED moneys.

  4. The eligible faculty (and a comparable staff pool) must have been employed by The Citadel prior to 1 Jul 90 and have not been promoted since 1 Jul 92. The essential rationale is that those recently promoted have at the least received "something" while recent hire-ons have generally been at an "enhanced" (market?) salary. General Poole commented that an intent of this present process is identify those who have NOT been recognized in contrast to those who have been recognized in SOME way.

  5. Several faculty members spoke to/at/against various aspects of the program -- perceived inequities, appearances, and overall injustices.

  6. General Poole presented an assortment of numbers.

    A pool of $40,000 (plus requisite fringe benefits) is available for 4th quarter (1993-94 fy). This is to be apportioned 45% to classified employees ($18,000) and 55% to unclassified ($22,000). The apportionment follows from the relative amounts of salaries earned by those ELIGIBLE employees (gross salaries of all employees less the salaries of those excluded by the hire-on or promotion dates).

    A further pool of $160,000 ($88,000 to unclassifieds) will be available in fy 1994-95 [and one trusts in future years].

    The identified pool of unclassified employees ELIGIBLE for a merit enhancement numbers 106. Subselection of those who WILL receive a merit enhancement is the responsibility of Department Heads (and the evaluation form attached to Memorandum 6)

  7. Discussion ensued on the methods of this evaluation, particulary to the aspect of an "all or nothing" approach -- gradations and relative degrees of merit are not allowed

    The lack of gradation was intended to permit the recognition of the "truly outstanding." However, the need for faculty to meet three of four criteria (in comparision to no such requirement for unclassified staff) and the arguement for degrees of merit to be considered resulted in General Poole stating that he would take the evaluation form back to committee for consideration of appropriate modifications.

  8. To the question of how department heads will be evaluated: this has not yet been determined.

Tom Richardson, recorder (secretary, Faculty Council)