General Faculty Meeting
5 May 94
  1. General Watts

    Remarked favorably on the Professor Tuckers recent e-mail communication to ALL_FACULTY

    Read a letter of congratulations for the baseball team from the president of the College of Charleston

    Noted that the mission of The Citadel is to educate cadets; that the purpose of the administration is to maintain this focus despite distractions.

    Alluded to the upcoming court date concerning Miss Faulkner

    Statistics on the new freshman class:
          about 600 students -- although applications were down, paid acceptances are up with respect to previous years.
         South Carolina applications are down
        a rise in SAT, ACT scores is anticipated
         minority applications are down, this is being addressed

    Self Study Process. Thanks were extended to Professor Suzanne Edwards.
    The Citadel can take pride in the preliminary report from the visitation team. Positive commendations include the faculty, the [lack of an adverse] racial atmosphere, computerization, and The Citadel's Self Study team and the actions already taken in response to the internal review.
    Strategic Planning. Professor Gary Nichols for his eight years of chairing this committee. This work provided the basis for the self study process.

    Performance Pay: The current exercise is the first step to bring salaries into line with peer institutions. President Watts is "working the statehouse" to get the appropriation for a meaningful salary increase.

    Attention was drawn to the recent "Wall Street Journal" article by President Watts and the folder which is being distributed by the college. Significant support is coming from across the country -- a "national constituency" appears to be in the making. We (The Citadel) need to take the "high road" when discussing these issues.

    Several recent faculty military promotions were recognized with commissions.

    The Medbery Award for Distinction in [Science] Teaching was awarded to Professor Pat Briggs. [This recognition was re-presented at the Fall Convocation in September.]

  2. . Professor Coussons -- Chair of Faculty Council

    Noted that council minutes are available on the vax

    Action is being taken towards holding a housing and maintenance meeting for campus residents.

    The Chair of Faculty Council will be sitting on certain Board of Visitors committees.

  3. Professor Nichols -- (Past) Chair of Strategic Planning

    The self-study is accomplished! Membership of Strategic Planning has been expanded to 21 members [later to at least 35] and consists of five task forces and a steering committee. During the summer, the committee will be undertaking a review of the mission statement; in late summer, a workshop for the entire committee is anticipated. Professor Peter Mailloux will be the new chair.

  4. Professor Siskind -- Chair of "Student Evaluation of Teaching"

    The history of the committee since its establishment in Fall 1993 was reviewed. No more than one-third of the teaching evaluation will be taken from the results of the questionaires completed by students; the balance of the evaluation process will need to be addressed.

    The actual pilot of the process will be conducted in Fall 1994; validity and other concerns will be addressed. The results of this exercise will be returned to the faculty.

  5. Professor Zahied -- Chair of Curriculum and Instruction

    Departmental requests for changes have been processed. Eleven departments have prepared guidelines and forms for minors, etc.

    A review of the CORE curriculum has begun.

    Goals are to ensure outstanding teaching and enhancement of instruction.

    Committee minutes are available on the vax.

  6. Professor Edwards -- Chair of Self-Study (SACS)

    The Citadel has received commendation on its self-study process; thanks are extended to the faculty for their efforts.

    Presently, the oral presentation had 41 recommendations (this is a small number); these correspond to self-study recommendations and needed responses are underway.

    A draft report has been received. This is being reviewed for factual errors and will be corrected and returned.

    The Citadel's response will be formulated after the final report is received.

  7. Dean Poole -- in a brief comment to the evaluation of teaching, he noted that empirical studies indicate that no more than one-third of the evaluation should follow from student evaluations. "There will be an evaluation."

  8. Dean Reilly

    The Board of Visitors has approved the formation of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies. The Evening College is subsumed into this new organization. Various changes, presently in the approval process, in policies and procedures go beyond the simple name change.

    Graduate Council will be reviewing the status of graduate faculty -- the meaning and criteria for recruiting, naming, and retaining. There will be a meeting of the graduate faculty in the fall to discuss this

    Policies and procedures for research on human subjects have been established as of 1 Jan 94. The previously used MUSC review board was not satisfactory; each department now has a review board and reports to a college review board.

    New grant proposal guidelines are being implemented.

    Likewise, summer school policies and procedures. Innovative courses are to be considered.

    Various aspects of CDF research grants and faculty development grants were presented.

    Legal notes:
    A court date is set for 16 May 94 in Charleston District Court. The trial is with respect to admission policies. Length is expected to be 7 to 10 days. Recent activity has been the securing of data and depositions; it is believed that The Citadel has acted properly in this regard.

    The VMI case: The Justice Department is expected to appeal the decision by Judge Kizer in the Mary Baldwin proposal to the 4th Circuit Court. In a few years, this should be at the Supreme Court.
    A total of $4.3 million (CDF = $1.1 million) in addition to the Turner pledge of $25 million has been received. This latter gift consists of an unrestricted $1 million in stock for five years and the remaining $20 million in trust.

    The Citadel will be establishing a unified fund raising effort so that there will be a single agency soliciting money on behalf of The Citadel. This is to be approved by the Board of Visitors. It is hoped that this will increase the total level of giving.

    CDF: The current corpus is $15 million. A 5% distribution will be calculated on 31 Dec 94 and made available on 1 Jul 95.
    It was reported that Professor Ken Shelton had been hospitalized at MUSC for angioplasty and then an emergency bypass. [As of the faculty meeting, he was stable. A few days later, he passed away.]

  9. Dean Poole

    In the recent CDF campaign, 64% of the faculty participated.

    Performance pay: Evaluation forms have been recieved from department heads and will be reviewed. Salary adjustments are anticipated for the 31 May payroll.

    Promotion and Tenure: recommendations from "CATPAW" have been forwarded to the Deans, some of these have been forwarded to Dean Poole. These then go to the President. Results will be communicated as soon as possible. A better time sequencing is essential, Corps Day is suggested as a target for completion of the process.

    Appropriate departmental standards teaching, scholarly activity and service for the tenure and promotion process will be prepared, then approved by Academic Board.

    The chairs of the various faculty committees were thanked for their service this past year.

    Dean Metts will be moving to become Dean of Assessment and Planning; the position of Dean of Undergraduate Studies is open. Applications for a 3- 4 year appointment are solicited and will consist of a letter and resume to Dean Poole.

    Faculty are asked to anticipate a colloquy on at the beginning of the Fall semester; also an all-campus convocation (in academic regalia) in the same time period.

Tom Richardson, recorder (secretary, Faculty Council)