Notes from the beginning of the Colloquy
22 August 94
  1. General Poole: the emphasis for the year is teaching, teaching evaluation, and strategic planning.

  2. General Watts: General Comments on the year ahead

    an ongoing concern will be public policy issues for higher education

    we need to meet SACS specified recommendations and commendations

    goals need to be set for the year 2000

    93-94 budget was 45 million dollars

    various aspects of the new entering class were presented -- there were 602 matriculants

    NCAA eligibilty standards will be addressed

    varous aspects of the ongoing litigation were presented

    the Business Administration department has been accepted for candidacy for accreditation; full acceptance is scheduled for 1996.

    the Board of Visitors has approved the reorganization of the Evening College and the Graduate Programs into the College of Graduate and Professional Studies which will be under The Citadel umbrella.

  3. The guest presenter took over.

Tom Richardson, recorder (secretary, Faculty Council)