Notes from the beginning of the Colloquy
18 August 1995
  1. General Poole: opening remarks

  2. General Watts:

    Noted the appropriateness of the Colloquy speaker, Mel Chastain, with regard to today's technological challenges

    Discussed the decision by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals

    Discussed the current status of the parallel program at Converse College

    591 new cadets reported; approximately 20 of these have been lost to date

    Noted the success of the two-day academic orientation

  3. General Poole:

    Academics have been emphasized in presentations attended by prospective students

    Strategic Planning is nearing completion of draft stage. This year:
    (a) need to tie strategic planning into the budget process and
    (b) provide for continuity in the strategic planning process

    During the coming year, as the need arises, the Faculty Council Chair will set up General Faculty Meetings (except for first and last meeting); General Poole will attend meetings in order to address any concerns or questions

    General Poole introduced the Colloquy speaker, Mel Chastain, with comments on the importance of the colloquy to the learning/teaching process

  4. Colloquy presentation by Mel Chastain, Director of the Educational Communications Center at Kansas State University, on multimedia in academics. The presentation lasted from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM with a 1-1/2 hour luncheon for the faculty in the Riverview Room.